1990 TV News Report Is For The Monkey Island Fans In The House

Screenshot: Lucasarts
Screenshot: Lucasarts

Amateur games historian Eon Fafnir posted a clip of this 1990 local news story about Lucasarts (then still known as Lucasfilm) yesterday, and while it’s fascinating getting a look behind the scenes of the studio during some its golden years, Monkey Island fans can squint and see some stuff that never made the finished game.

First, here’s the clip:

Computer entertainment, believe it or not!

While soaking up the nostalgia, though, game designer Marius Winter (currently working on the very cool Say No! More) spotted a part of the game that, uh, I’d never seen before either, and quickly got confirmation from some experts (and some guy that was around the office at the time) that it was a cut area.

Image: It’s blurry, but is that Herman’s house/tent there on the left?

Not exactly a ground-breaking piece of new information, but this game came out in 1990, it’s cool seeing new stuff for it thirty years later.


  • Damn, that was a nostalgia blast. The heaviest of clacking keys, and that guy from Luscasfilm lounging in the classic cushioned, cane chair!

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