That Ubisoft / Scott Pilgrim Conversation Is Happening

That Ubisoft / Scott Pilgrim Conversation Is Happening
Screenshot: Bryan Lee O’Malley / Twitter

Oh hey, look at that! Kotaku understands this conversation is set for next week.

Delisted Scott Pilgrim Game Still MIA, Frustrating Creators And Fans

Although beloved independent comic book Scott Pilgrim concluded in July 2010, it received film and video game adaptations shortly afterward that firmly lodged the series in mainstream pop culture. The movie is fine, but the game is considered a lost gem due to its delisting from digital storefronts only a...

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  • I’ve tried to not complain about short articles but this one is REALLY pushing it.

    If you’re not aware, the person in the tweet is the creator of Scott Pilgrim, and the official game that Ubisoft made has been unable to be purchased for years. After the game resurfaced as a topic of discussion in recent weeks, Ubisoft has reached out to the creator, so maybe the game will be sold again.

        • So the original article was just an emoji, a picture and one line of text explaining nothing…
          Have you guys considered maybe not even bothering to publish US articles like this?
          There’s some great content here, but the image of the whole site is being brought down by nuggets of crap like this, irrelevant (to AU) US articles and publishing US reposts of (actually amazing!) AU articles.

          This is one of those cases of “I only say this because I love you”, which I know is a well-worn excuse for arbitrary negativity, but in this case, it’s true. I love this site, I love the content that Kotaku AU produces, the community is great, and most of the US content is fine – so I keep coming back. But some of this is starting to wear mighty thin…

          This article should not exist on this site. It should be a retweet on Ian Walker’s twitter. And I realize that’s not your fault per se, having the article pushed to you, but surely there’s something you could do?

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