Everything We Know About Age Of Empires 3

Everything We Know About Age Of Empires 3
Image: Microsoft

After the successful re-releases of Age of Empires and Age of Empires 2, Microsoft is following up with Age of Empires 3. The game’s officially launching on October 15, and this morning we found more details about what to expect.

The first detail is the release date. Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition will launch on Steam, the Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass on October 15. The game will feature the same modernised UI and cross-play multiplayer that’s been a feature of the last two Age of Empires remasters, as well as remade 3D assets for native 4K play.

World’s Edge, the studio specifically founded to work on the Age of Empires remasters at Microsoft, will also be adding the Swedes and Incas as playable civilisations. This comes on top of Age of Empires 3‘s existing 14 playable factions, so you’ll have 16 total nations to play from.

Age of Empires 3: DE will also have Historical Battles, plus the Art of War challenges that were added in Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition. The challenges are meant to help serve as advanced tutorials — on top of the AOE3‘s existing tutorials in the singleplayer mode. A blog post from Microsoft also noted that World’s Edge engaged with tribal consultants to make some culturally appropriate changes to the Native American civilisations, although more details on that will be shared closer to October 15.

Graphically, it’s the same kind of vibrancy and pop that AOE1 and AOE2 received, and the way buildings and structures collapse has a great effect to it. The water effects look lovely too.

age of empires

I’m looking forward to some Age of Empires LAN parties again. But maybe a little more adult this time — some fine mulled wine, bread, cheese and cured meats, and maybe a bit of vodka to wash it all down.


    • was there something that made you think this would be a possibility? id like it too. but youre gonna have to grab anno or cities skylines for anything close to that.

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