Amazon Rebrands Twitch Prime As Prime Gaming, Starts With 20 Free PC Games

Amazon Rebrands Twitch Prime As Prime Gaming, Starts With 20 Free PC Games
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Twitch Prime isn’t something you hear a lot about, and Amazon’s hoping to change that with some free games. The service, which users receive for free as part of their Amazon Prime delivery subscriptions, is being rebranded as Prime Gaming. And to spruce up the launch, it’s adding a suite of 20 classics and indies into the mix.

The free games, accessible from the new URL, includes a ton of SNK classics like Baseball Stars 2, Metal Slug 2, King of the Monsters, Pulstar, and Fatal Fury Special. There’s also the excellent Blazing Chrome retro platformer and Chroma Squad, the tactical RPG where you’re running your own Power Rangers theme show. Treachery in Beatdown City‘s part of the 20 free games too, as is the survival management sim Dead in VinlandShaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is part of the list too, along with the sci-fi adventure Truberbrook.

Image: Prime Gaming

The service will get 5 free PC games every month, as well as a string of virtual items and in-game currency for games like FIFA, GTA Online and so on.

Prime Gaming is still part of the wider Amazon Prime service, so chances are you can already access the free games just by logging into your Amazon account. If you don’t, you can still access the games by using the 30-day free trial, although you might want to save that for future months — or just before Amazon Prime Day kicks off — when there’s juicier games. You get to keep all the games for life, even after cancelling your Prime Gaming subscription (or whatever its bundled with).

Prime Gaming is still a free service with Amazon Prime, and if you’ve forgotten that you had access to it, you wouldn’t be alone. The service’s gaming element was a freebie with Twitch Prime, which has been around since 2016. It still feels like a stop-gap measure until Amazon launch a proper gaming storefront and service of their own though, which they’ve been threatening to do for years. Amazon’s is the only other serious rival for Microsoft and Google when it comes to cloud gaming, given their extensive AWS footprint.

Prime Gaming doesn’t offer any of that at this stage, of course. But rebranding away from Twitch Prime to a more agnostic “Prime Gaming” is a logical move, if you had bigger plans for the gaming industry.


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