Beat Saber, Now Featuring Bunnings Warehouse

Beat Saber, Now Featuring Bunnings Warehouse
Image: Naysy (Twitch)

Beat Saber and communist sausage sandwiches aren’t typically found in the same sentence. But the classic Bunnings Warehouse theme is a playable song in Beat Saber, and naturally, people are going to swing their sabres for lower prices.

The Bunnings theme, to be clear, isn’t the most challenging song in the Beat Saber library. But it’s harder than you might suspect, even on the highest difficulty for an experienced Beat Saber player like Aussie streamer and VR YouTuber Naysy.

I absolutely love that someone went to the effort to get the full Bunnings Warehouse music into Beat Saber. It’s not the most complicated rhythm layout, and even on the hardest difficulty there’s no obstacles or special movement required like some of Beat Saber‘s more difficult songs.

But hell, it’s great to see in there all the same. And it makes me wonder what other iconic Aussie themes have been uploaded to the Beat Saber playlist. The Neighbours theme song? Home & AwayBananas in Pyjamas? Hot Potato from The Wiggles? The extended Baker’s Delight theme songRound the Twist? Spellbinder? Crash Zone?

Actually, those would be incredible. Beat Games, make an Iconic Aussie DLC. Do it.


  • Why would a theme song like Bunnings Warehouse be in the PC game Beat Saber?
    It’s just doesn’t make any sense they don’t use that slogan Lowest prices are just the beginning anymore Bunnings Warehouse are now using that slogan shop wherever you are whenever you want.

  • I think instead of a Bunnings Warehouse theme song Beat Saber on the PC should add a kids tv show theme dating back to the 90s and it stars Mark Mitchell as Seymour Fish. I’m talking about The Australian Children’s Television Foundation’s Lift Off the show that I remember watching on the ABC back in the 90s when I was young.
    With stories to tell and the world is fun and a how do you do Wakadoo?
    I think Beat Saber on the PC should also add The Australian Television Foundation’s Lift Off to it’s playlist not just Round the Twist but also Mythbusters theme song with the narrator Robert Lee doing the narrating saying this question.
    Who are the Mythbusters?

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