Grab Control: Ultimate Edition For $43 In Fanatical’s Latest PC Game Sale

Grab Control: Ultimate Edition For $43 In Fanatical’s Latest PC Game Sale
Control (Screenshot: Sebastián Barraud (Email)
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Fanatical’s latest PC game sale is headlined by an absolute banger deal — Control: Ultimate Edition for just $43.16. This pack includes the Control base game as well as the great Foundation and AWE DLC chapters. If you’ve never played the game before, now’s the perfect time to hop in. $43.16 is an epic price for one of 2019’s biggest and best adventures.

Outside of this bargain, Fanatical also has some solid deals on AAA titles and indie hits from across the world of PC gaming.

The entire Sonic range is discounted, including hits like Sonic Mania and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Also on sale are a bunch of fantastic indies like Graveyard Keeper and Children of Morta.

Persona 4 Golden for $25.33 is another great get from Fanatical. It’s a fantastic JRPG everyone should play at least once, so keep this deal on your radar.

There’s plenty here worth checking out. Here’s our choice picks of the bunch:

There’s plenty of great games (and bundles) currently on sale at Fanatical. To check out the full range, visit the website’s ‘on sale’ hub. If you spot anything you love that’s not on our list, feel free to share with your fellow Kotaku readers in the comments below.

Control’s AWE Expansion Leans Into Horror, And It’s Rad

Horror has always seemed right around the corner in Control. There’s a refrigerator that always needs to be looked at or it’ll kill you. A rubber duck teleports around maliciously. Your double is plotting your demise in a mirror world. Even so, horror was always the game’s selective spice, used sparingly to break up the shooting action and give you a creepy thrill.

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