Don’t Risk COVID-19 And A $1600 Fine For Pokemon Go

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When your state imposes stage four restrictions and nightly curfews, you know what’s a really dumb idea? Playing Pokemon Go in Melbourne right now.

That’s what one player did recently, travelling from Melbourne’s Sunshine to the CBD just to play Pokemon Go. According to 7 News and the AAP, the player was fined $1652 for their troubles.

Around 172 fines were issued in Victoria yesterday for breaching coronavirus restrictions, which are now at stage 4 for the metropolitan area. The restrictions mean people can only leave their house to purchase food and necessary supplies within a 5km radius for their house; exercise within a 5km radius of your home for one hour a day; for care or health care including “accompanying someone for essential medical care if you are a carer, guardian or necessary support person”; and travelling for work if it cannot be done remotely.

The full list of restrictions, including details on stage 3 restrictions for regional Victoria, can be found here. Going outside to Pokemon Go, unsurprisingly, is not part of the permissible activities. Still, that hasn’t stopped other Pokemon Go fans from driving around Melbourne to score some Pokemon.

“The restrictions for leaving your home are well known,” Victorian Deputy Police Commissioner Rick Nugent said. “I can say it does not include playing Pokemon.”

Victoria recorded another 429 coronavirus cases today, forcing the state into what Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews called a “state of disaster”. More details are due to be announced this afternoon around what Victorian workplaces and businesses can stay open, how the curfews will apply, and other measures that might be imposed. There’s a good guide over at Business Insider for all the restrictions in every state and territory, in case you’re wondering.


  • Incorporate it into exercise in a sensible area and you might be OK since that is allowed. I’ve certainly gained a few kilos since stopping Ingress and Pokemon Go.

  • The fact that someone was out for this reason is… disheartening and infuriating. The collective callously cruel selfishness responsible for these numbers is maddening and depressing.

    Bring on the asteroid.

    • Saw footage today of police at Bondi trying to tell the crowds it was unsafe etc. Group of 20 something year olds just laughing at the police. Jeez I wish the cops had just pepper sprayed them all.

  • Well that’s what happened to one man from the Melbourne suburb of Sunshine when I read The Age online this morning he has copped a $1652 fine for playing Pokemon GO in the Melbourne CBD meanwhile 27 more people are still copping $200 fines for failing or refusing to wear a face covering.
    Not to mention a 48 year old Boronia woman attending an illegal anti-mask gathering has been charged for hindering police refusing to give police her details such as her name and address and has also been fined for breaching COVID-19 laws which is not staying at home.
    It’s just not worth it people need to do the right thing to help stop the spread of this deadly virus and if they don’t comply with the COVID-19 laws more people disobeying the rules will be fined for not only breaking COVID-19 laws but also for failing or refusing to wear a face covering.
    People disobeying the rules need to get a life and do the right thing wear a face covering and stay at home otherwise if they don’t comply with the COVID-19 rules more people will die.

    • My wife works at a highschool on Braybrook… Her and her colleagues got numerous emails from students saying they weren’t going to be attending online classes on the Friday and Monday just gone, because they were going to be away celebrating an unnamed holiday with extended family members…

      Can also confirm that this happened at Roxborough College and Taylors Lakes Secondary College. ????

      People just don’t give a stuff, and we’re left towing the line and copping crap for it.

  • To all the idiots out there: there is a virus out and people are dying from it. Hold on your pokemons for the time being.

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