EA Removes ‘Toxic’ Celebrations In FIFA 21

EA Removes ‘Toxic’ Celebrations In FIFA 21

A pair of celebrations that contributed to “toxic behaviours” online will not return in FIFA 21 when the game launches on October 9, according to series publisher EA.

This news comes courtesy of Eurogamer, which reported earlier today that FIFA 21 will not include the post-goal “Shush” and “A-OK” celebrations from previous games. The former was frequently used by the online community to waste time following scores, while the latter bears some resemblance to a gesture popularised by white supremacists. A similar expression was removed from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone last month.

“We were told by the community that there’s toxic behaviours in the game and we wanted to make sure we removed them,” lead gameplay producer Sam Rivera explained during a July preview event. “So we removed some of the celebrations that people thought were not the best idea to have in the game.”

FIFA 21 will also implement new time-saving measures to prevent players from screwing around in online matches, like limiting the amount of time during sequences like corner and penalty kicks. Certain cinematics, including scenes of teams walking back to their sides of the pitch following a goal, will also be shortened or removed altogether to make for a smoother online experience.

“OK” Hand Gesture Removed From Call Of Duty

The “OK” hand gesture, added to both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone earlier this year, has been removed from the games, presumably because of its growing association with white supremacists.

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  • “…while the latter bears some resemblance to the OK gesture that users on the message-board site 4chan aimed to convince the media that that, or the upside-down version of it, was being used as a white power movement symbol in 2017.”

    Don’t worry guys. Journalistic integrity saved!

    • Except for the hundreds of white supremacists photographed using it.

      That’s the thing about memetic behaviour. It spreads, normalises and becomes common. 4chan tried to say it was a thing. Enough people believed them that it became a thing.

      Now it’s a thing.

      • Its only normalised if society deems it as “normalised” for 90-80% of the world ie. Not America the ok sign is still just that.. on “ok” sign. Heck i didnt even know it was now a racist gesture till someone joked about it a few months back…

        It doesnt matter what hand gestures any radicals use as long as common society doesnt give them that meaning… the fact “society” has let radicals like white power groups “own” something at worst was an innocuous positive hand gesture to something overtly negative says more about the world we live in that people cant dismiss an obvious joke as a joke and fuel it to the point that its now “owned” and given a completely radical context whrn all people had to do was laugh at the idiot radicals trying to “own” the gesture.

        Condoning that its a thing now is the equivalent of saying we need go take the Anti Vaxxers seriously now because they took their own opinion on anti vaccination seriously…. idiocy is still idiocy no matter how much the idiot believes otherwise.

      • “white supremecists”

        You mean what the media defines as a white supremecists which is anyone who happens to be white and not far left.

        You among others desperately want to attach the sign to them so you don’t have to admit you were duped and made to look like fools ( not that it’s hard to do that in the first place lol)

        OP-OKKK is still a huge success to this day as demonstrated by your comment

  • Right… better take down all those emojis and stickers from various messenger apps! Or hey better scrub out all photos of folks with the ok! Oh and someone tell all deaf people they are being racist when they use the same gestures to talk coz its a part of Auslan!

    Coz context and actual critical thought with common sense is dead and if we meme anything hard enough it will be offensive!

    I say we take this all the way and meme the rainbow as a white supremacist symbol!

    • “I say we take this all the way and meme the rainbow as a white supremacist symbol!”
      omg go post that on 4chan post haste. the sjw tears would be glorious.

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