The Excellent Resident Evil 2 Remake Is $65 Off Today

The Excellent Resident Evil 2 Remake Is $65 Off Today
Image: Capcom
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Every now and then a game gets a price drop that is so good, I feel like grabbing a friend by the shoulders and sternly telling them, “Don’t think about it, just get it.” Resident Evil 2, one of the best games of recent years and what might be the new benchmark for remakes, is currently on sale.

You can pick it up on the PS4 for $33.82, saving yourself $66.13 off the RRP. Compared to competitor prices, that’s currently the best deal going for the game. You can’t even get a pre-owned copy at EB Games for that price.

A remake of the 1998 Playstation classic, you play as either Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie police officer having one hell of a first day on the job, or Claire Redfield, a college student searching for her brother Chris, as they struggle to escape from the zombie infest Raccoon City.

I’ve always considered the original to be the gold standard for survival horror games (what’s the opposite of a hot take, because that’s what this is), so this modernisation had a lot to live up to. And live up to my expectations it did — and then some. As its own thing, this game is fantastic. As a remake of a classic game, it does a great job of honouring what made the original Resident Evil 2 so good.

Graphically it looks great, the controls are tight, and what changes have been made all work to service the spirit of the original game. More than anything, it’s scary. There’s a tense atmosphere that runs through it. You’ve no doubt seen clips of Mr X, a hulking bioweapon, who spends a good portion of the game relentlessly stalking you. He’s a menacing presence — especially when he’s modded to look like Thomas the Tank Engine.

In a landslide victory, it was voted Game Of The Year in our 2019 reader’s poll. If you can’t trust the collective hivemind of Kotaku’s readers, who can you trust?

There’s no telling how long this cheap price will last, and if you haven’t played Resident Evil 2 yet, you really should. If you’re looking to further scratch that Resident Evil itch, you can also pick up the remake of RE3 for half-price.

Click here to buy Resident Evil 2.


  • “You can’t even get a pre-owned copy at EB Games for that price.”

    Pre-owned copies at EB are a rort anyway and always have been. They are, at best, only $5-$10 cheaper than regular retail price. And I’m talking about EB’s regular retail price, who seem to operate in a different reality to everyone else’s retail price. Even pre-owned games at EB are commonly still more expensive than brand new copies at competitor stores.

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