Free Costume Ensures Fall Guys Remains Full Of Pricks

Free Costume Ensures Fall Guys Remains Full Of Pricks
Does this look like the face of mercy? (Screenshot: Mediatonic / Kotaku)

After a launch week full of server issues, the Fall Guys devs are offering players a few compensatory gifts to make up for it, including a new cactus outfit and some extra currency.

Prickles is a legendary Fall Guys outfit that turns your character into a potted cactus, perfect for when you’re shoving someone off the final ledge in Slime Climb or just generally being a prick to your fellow beans. Everyone who launches the game before midnight tonight will see the costume automatically added to their wardrobe.

Awkward... (Screenshot: Mediatonic / Kotaku) Awkward… (Screenshot: Mediatonic / Kotaku)

Players have immediately taken to the new Fall Guys costume, as evidenced by every game I played this morning being full of cacti. I tried it out myself, but none of the colour palettes and patterns I own at the moment match it very well, so I’m back to playing as a milkshake in gym shorts. Maybe I’ll be able to buy something nice with the extra 5,000 Kudos everyone also received to make up for the game’s rough launch.

In addition to the cactus, Fall Guys got a Steam-exclusive Team Fortress 2 outfit today that turns beans into the speedy Scout for a handful of Crowns. This is the second crossover costume on PC after Half-Life protagonist Gordon Freeman, while PlayStation 4 owners have had to make do with playing as Jacket from Hotline Miami. You can dress however you want, honestly, but I’m still gonna beat you.


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