Grand Theft Auto V Kinect Mod Makes Plane-Flying Physical

Grand Theft Auto V Kinect Mod Makes Plane-Flying Physical

Flying in video games with a controller is fine. It works well enough and it’s how many folks play. But what if you were the controller? What if you had to hold your arms out to fly and steer? Well wonder no more, for a YouTuber has made a mod for Grand Theft Auto V that lets anyone with a Kinect and a PC do just that!

This mod was created by Eric Heckman, who runs Insert Controller Here, a channel that focuses on creating weird ways to control video games, like using a Kinect to control a plane in GTA V.

First, he must “assume the plane position” which means lifting up his arms like a kid pretending to be a plane. Once he has done that, the plane will start to move forward. Heckman can lean and twist to control the plane’s steering while on the ground and once he has enough speed all he has to do is lean back and the plane takes off. To raise his landing gear he simply kicks the air.

Grand Theft Auto V Kinect Mod Makes Plane-Flying Physical

While this isn’t an ideal way to control a plane in GTA V, it’s impressive it works at all.

To pull this off, Heckman is using an Xbox 360 Kinect and some free software called FAAST. The setup takes Kinect motions and tracking data and translates it all into keyboard and mouse inputs. According to Heckman, this whole mod doesn’t actually touch any of GTA V’s files, so you could in theory play online using the Kinect controls. This whole setup could even be used in other games. Heckman himself is planning on using these body controls to fly planes in the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator.

If you want to control GTA V with your body, Heckman included links to all the files and software he used in his video description. The video also contains a nice and easy to follow tutorial for setting all this up.

Who needs a flight stick when YOU can be the flight stick? Just be sure to wear some comfy shoes. 

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