Halo Infinite, Only On The N64

Halo Infinite, Only On The N64

Last month Microsoft showed off a ton of footage from the upcoming Halo Infinite, featuring a crash landing and a very upset pilot. They looked OK in high definition, but there’s something about them that looks even better imagined as an N64 game.

This video by Hoolopee does exactly what it looks like, recreating 1:42 of that Xbox clip in the style of a Nintendo 64 title.

Sure it’s muddier, but a big part of the original Halo’s appeal was its speed and visual clarity, something this joke video somehow gets almost as right as the actual Halo Infinite does (which, to its credit, is intentionally reverting to a more classic art style for the upcoming game after some less recognisable departures in Halos 4 & 5).


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