Here’s The Prettiest Purple Gaming Headset I Ever Did See

Here’s The Prettiest Purple Gaming Headset I Ever Did See
What a refreshing splash of colour. (Photo: Mike Fahey)

Normally I turn to pink hues when I am looking for new gaming accessories, but the lilac Logitech G’s G733 Lightspeed wireless gaming headset, part of the company’s new Colour Collection, is pushing me in a purple direction.

Logitech G makes good gaming gear. Now it makes good gear in fancy colours. The new $299.95 G733 Lightspeed wireless gaming headset comes in four different hues, kicking off the colour collection alongside the G203 Lightsync wired mouse and the G305 Lightspeed wireless mouse. All three pieces of kit are available in Logitech blue, black, white, and the lovely, lovely lilac.

Photo: Logitech G Photo: Logitech G

Lilac is the best of the four. Black we’ve seen. White’s been done. The Logitech blue colour is very striking, but it’s also like my father — too bold. No, it’s a purple reign for this first wave of multicolor Logitech G gear. I don’t know why I am suddenly riffing on Prince. Maybe it’s those lovely deep purple ear cups. They are soft and comfortable. I’d get closer, but they have my ear dust on them now.

Photo: Mike Fahey Photo: Mike Fahey

The G733 Lightspeed is a wireless headset, utilising a USB dongle to make a love connection with your console or PC. It delivers lovely sound via a pair of 40mm drivers, that sound lasting for around 20 hours with the lighting turned on and 29 hours with the lighting off. So 20 hours, because why turn the lighting off ever? It’s got a boom mic that plugs into the side with a unidirectional cardioid pickup pattern, which works just fine. More tech specs can be poured over on the official G733 website.

Aside from the look, I really enjoy the comfort of the G733. I love a suspension strap headband. Coupled with the unit’s light weight, the fancy strap makes it feel like the headset is sorta floating on top of your head. Plus it is very pretty. The lilac headset comes with this lovely yellow, black, and green strap that really makes the purple pop. Plus the straps are interchangeable, with different colours for sale at $US9.99 ($14) apiece. Not fancy enough? Logitech G is also selling shaped microphone covers.

I want to chew on this strap.  (Photo: Mike Fahey) I want to chew on this strap. (Photo: Mike Fahey)

But really, for me, it’s all about the lilac plastic and those rich, purple ear cups. I particularly appreciate the large L and R inside each side, because I can never tell which is which. Also, I can pretend the headset belongs to Waluigi.

Wahhhhhh. (Photo: Mike Fahey) Wahhhhhh. (Photo: Mike Fahey)

The Logitech G G733 Lightspeed wireless headset is now available for preorder, expected to ship sometime in September, which is tomorrow, so you won’t have to wait too long for that creamy, blueberry yogurt-hued sound.

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