IDW’s First Star Trek: Voyager Series Is a Seven of Nine Special

IDW’s First Star Trek: Voyager Series Is a Seven of Nine Special

Over the years, IDW’s Star Trek comics have explored several of the show’s eras, from the original series and beyond, to the Kelvin timeline all the way up to Picard — but outside of a one-off adventure in the Mirror Universe, the comics haven’t really spent any time with the crew of Voyager. That is, until now, with a new series delving into one of the show’s most fascinating relationships.

TrekMovie reports that a new four-issue miniseries called Seven’s Reckoning will launch later this year, and as the name implies, it puts the spotlight on Voyager’s ex-Borg fave, Seven of Nine. Penned by Star Trek: Waypoint’s Dave Baker, with art and colours by Angel Hernandez and Ronda Pattison respectively, the miniseries is set in Voyager’s fourth season — specifically between the seventh and eighth episodes of the season, “Scientific Method” and “Year of Hell, Part 1” — early on in Seven’s time aboard the ship.

IDW’s First Star Trek: Voyager Series Is a Seven of Nine SpecialImage: Angel Hernandez/IDW

Aside from already having to deal with her returning humanity and her place in Voyager’s crew, Seven’s Reckoning will see Seven’s morality put to the test when the ship comes across a damaged vessel during their mission through the Delta Quadrant. Attempting to lend a hand goes about as well as it does for any episode of Star Trek about repairing mysterious alien ships: Seven Finds herself trapped in an interstellar conflict that’s been lingering in the quadrant for centuries, making her re-examination of her own humanity that much more stressful than it already was.

Seven is already one of Voyager’s most interesting characters — and getting to return to her arc in Picard was an absolute highlight of its first season — but a chance to return to some of her earliest appearances in the show to further dig into her identity and that early journey of self-reflection is really cool. Hopefully, it also means a lot of very good Seven/Janeway debating in the process!

Star Trek: Voyager – Seven’s Reckoning will begin in November.