Ikki Tousen Anime Studio Declares Bankruptcy

Ikki Tousen Anime Studio Declares Bankruptcy
Image: Arms

The anime studio known as Arms has declared bankruptcy. It was best known for the Ikki Tousen (above) and Queen’s Blade anime.

Ikki Tousen, originally a manga, was a battle anime in which schoolgirls’ uniforms become tattered during fights. It spawned PS2 and PSP games.

Arms was founded in 1996, cutting its teeth on hentai anime. The character designer, animator, illustration, and director Rin Shin was the studio’s most famous staff member.

Most recently, Arms did Ikki Tousen: Western Wolves and prior to that it did the Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid anime. As ANN points out, the studio changed its name from Arms to Common Sense in August 2017 but kept the brand name Arms.

Company shareholders decided to declare bankruptcy earlier this spring, and the company filed for liquidation on July 22.

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