Logitech’s G923 Trueforce Wheel Brings Bougie To Racing Games

Logitech’s G923 Trueforce Wheel Brings Bougie To Racing Games
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The Logitech G923 Trueforce racing wheel is an absolute beast. With impressive power-steering tech, a classy leather exterior and easy set-up, it’s a stellar racing wheel and one perfect for hardcore racing game fans. For everyone else, the price might prove a bit too dear, but if you’re looking for a solid and well-built racing set-up the G923 fits the bill perfectly.

G923 Compatibility

An important consideration when you’re creating your new racing set-up is compatibility.

The G923 arrives at a strange go-between time for the new console generation but thankfully the wheel will be compatible with both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X when they launch later in the year — and the same goes for Logitech’s previous racing wheel generation. While unconfirmed, this means next generation’s racing line-up (including Dirt 5) should be G923-compatible. Stay tuned for news on this front.

For existing console games on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the Logitech G923 is fully ‘Trueforce’ compatible with the following:

  • Grid (2019)
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione
  • Gran Turismo Sport
  • iRacing

It also functions as a wheel input for the majority of the racing games on the market. (I spent time in both Assetto Corsa and Dirt 4 on PlayStation 4 and had no trouble with either.)

Both wheel variants (Xbox One and PlayStation 4) are also compatible with PC, but you’ll need drivers and configuration for racing games on these platforms. I personally couldn’t get Forza Horizon 4 on PC to cooperate with the wheel, but I suspect this was because the driver update for the game wasn’t available when I tried it.

Set up

Image: Kotaku Australia

The G923 is designed to bolt onto a desk (or driving frame) with two adjustable clamps. There’s a lot of leeway with these arms, so you should be able to clamp it on any available surface.

From there, it’s just a matter of plugging in the correct cables and laying the pedal system at your feet. There’s plenty of cables (wheel to console, wheel to power, wheel to pedals) so you’ll want to tuck these cables away wherever possible. While driving, they can become a huge distraction and get tangled in both the wheel and the pedals.

This is a wheel you’ll need to full integrate into your gaming set-up to get the perfect results. You’ll also need a fairly large space, so plan ahead if you’re looking at purchasing one of these wheels.

G923 ‘Trueforce’

The flagship feature for the G923 is the wheel’s ‘Trueforce’ technology. This is a force feedback system designed to emulate steering wheel physics and pushback in high speed situations. Essentially, it aims to make driving with the wheel more realistic by providing real-time pushback while you steer.

The G923’s Trueforce is very aggressive, but effectively emulates the feeling of driving a car at high speed. If you have weak arms, you’ll genuinely be in for a battle, though — the Trueforce tech requires precision and pushes back very strongly if you ever slip offroad.

It means you’ll be constantly wrestling with the wheel, particularly if you’re a bad driver. It’s got an epic kickback you’ll want to keep under wraps to win races. (More experienced drivers should have no issue with this.)

While it doesn’t perfectly replicate the feeling of hopping into a real car, it comes pretty darn close.

G923 Racing Experience

Pictured: my brother, reliving his childhood. (Photo: Leah Williams/Kotaku Australia)

Using the G923 is very fun. While it’s not strictly ‘necessary’ to use a racing wheel with games like Dirt or GRID, it sure adds a layer of competitiveness and fun you won’t get otherwise. The G923 set-up (which includes both the wheel and connected pedals) effectively emulates the feeling of being a rally car driver — and a solid gaming chair will also contribute to the illusion.

The controls are extremely responsive, with the dynamic Trueforce system making every race feel like a pulse-pounding struggle, particularly when you lose control of your car. Expect flailing limbs, frantic wheel turning and desperate braking if you’re on the more inexperienced side of things. As they say, practice makes perfect and you’ll need a lot to conquer the G923.

The wheel itself is a great bit of engineering and feels incredibly solid and well-designed. Its leather trim is classy and easy to grip, making turning and manoeuvring your vehicle simple and smooth. It also features a simply button array for easy game navigation.

The only problem I encountered with the G923 was its pedal system.

While the accelerator pedal was perfect responsive and easy to manoeuvre, the middle braking pedal is very stiff — much stiffer than your average car. It makes effective braking much harder than it should be and may throw off your driving skills. If you’re using it on carpet, I also strongly recommend you flick out the spikes underneath the pedals. These will stop you from pushing the device across the floor and make your braking far more effective.

Overall, the G923’s racing experience is fun, involving and very frantic. Whether you’re a casual racing fan, new to the genre or a hardboiled professional the set-up is a genuine joy to use and makes racing games so much more exciting.

G923 Price

While the Logitech G923 was initially announced at a $799.95 price point, it’s since been reduced to $599.95 to better match other wheels on the market and make the pricing more accessible.

The price reduction is very welcome, but it’s still a big investment for gamers.

Unless you’re incredibly dedicated to racing games, it’s hard to see the value in such a high cost. For casual fans, the wheel will be more of a fun gimmick than a worthwhile investment, so consider how much you play racing games before you head out to purchase it.

$600 is about the price of a new console — but if you live and breath racing games, it’s an impressive and hardy accessory that’ll become an essential companion on your racing adventures.

Should you buy it?

At $599.95, the Logitech G923 exists on the upper end of the racing wheel market but its high quality build and racing experience justifies the added cost. Little touches like the leather wheel trim and Trueforce tech make the G923 an excellent accessory for every racing game enthusiast. It also adds a sense of realism to spice up all your races.

It’s a solid, reliable wheel with responsive controls and adds a sense of excitement to any race. If cost isn’t a major concern, you should certainly consider the upgrade. Life in the fast lane has never been cooler.


  • It seems there are TWO G923’s on the market. One being Playstation compatible, the other being Xbox. Both are PC compatible.
    Identical in look and use, so doesnt change the article in any way, but its something to watch out for if buying one.
    It was the same with the G920 v G29, only the naming of those made it clear there was a difference somewhere.

      • Its more the naming. I dont remember other wheels for the different consoles having the same name.

        Thrustmaster dont seem to from what I’ve seen, even if the different models are functionally identical. I know there are generally a version for each console, but I just dont recall any where the names were the same like this.

        Maybe at the lower end with sub-$100 wheels I dont know, but for these mid market ones that catch a lot of peoples eye, the naming’s usually a lot clearer than here.

        Either way, its something to watch out for.

  • It’s a pity that Logitech don’t make their next wheel compatible with both PlayStation and Xbox consoles with the same wheel. This means if you wanted wheel for both your PS4 & Xbox 1 Logitech would get $1200.00 from u.

    • No one makes one wheel that works with both consoles, sadly. It’s extremely frustrating if you race across platforms.

      • I wonder what stops them from making them dual compatible. It cant be too hard, both versions of this (and the similar G29 v G920) are PC compatible, which suggests to me its software based differences.

        If its more hardware based, and each version needs a different PCB, then put both versions on the one board. They arent that big. Or as poita suggests, make them modular so you can swap the boards out for the relevant console.

        Theres clearly a market there, and coming into a new generation of consoles its an ideal time to try.

  • At least they should make the interface modular and sell the Xbox or PS4 module so you can use it on both, even if you had to buy the module.

  • that price is insane. i bought the G27 back in 2011 for ~$350 and its essentially the exact same thing but also includes a H shifter. how do they justify the price?

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