Maneater Players Get To Be Garbage-Munching Tiger Sharks For Shark Week

Maneater Players Get To Be Garbage-Munching Tiger Sharks For Shark Week

Not only do players of completely accurate aquatic murder simulator Maneater get to mutate into the garbage-munching tiger shark for Shark Week, they get to do so with a skin that makes them look like the tiger shark member of the band KISS. Look at that mighty beast.

The tiger shark is one of the ocean’s least finicky eaters, eating just about everything in the water. That includes fish, crabs, other sharks, turtles, dolphins, and incredibly unfortunate birds, but also tires, bits of boats, action figures, street signs, and whatever else humans wind up dumping in our pristine-ish waters. Maneater developer Tripwire Interactive works the tiger shark’s eating habits into the game by allowing the mutation to gain extra nutrients when consuming prey, which is all sorts of clever.

It makes up for the fact that this maroon and black design, while very cool, looks nothing like a real tiger shark. Real tiger sharks are greyish blue with darkened stripes that fade as they age. By the time a tiger shark is large enough to eat you, they look like regular sharks. Only marine biologists yell “Help, I’m being eaten by a tiger shark!”

The tiger shark mutation is available now, completely free for players on PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4. Try it on, and feast on some garbage. Mmmm, garbage.


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