Microsoft Flight Simulator Added A Giant Monolith To Melbourne

Microsoft Flight Simulator Added A Giant Monolith To Melbourne
Image: Twitter (Alexander Muscat)

The problem with using Bing Maps data for Microsoft Flight Simulator and not, say, Google Maps is that not everything is where it should be. And in Microsoft Flight Simulator’s recreation of Melbourne, some things are definitely not supposed to be there.

Just outside of Melbourne has become a bit of a hot spot for joy flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator over the last 24 hours, with Australians discovering what some have described as a “bizarrely eldritch” skyscraper in the area. It’s located near Essendon, which according to Flight Sim, has no other skyscrapers except for this enormously tall, singular building.

Naturally, as you’d expect from Australians, people have started making their own lore for the monolith. Some suggested it was a secret 0nly known to Melbournians, while others proposed that the tower appeared in the midst of COVID-19.

Others were grateful that the Melbourne Tower — which doesn’t exist by the way, even if Bing Maps thinks it does — made it into the game at all, given how Buckingham Palace turned out.

Microsoft Flight Simulator wasn’t supposed to be a quirky take on real-life with its own lore, but fans have a way of creating something wonderful out of the weird. And as more and more geographical perplexities are discovered in Bing Maps’ world, we should get more curious creations like the Melbourne Monolith.

I wonder what other surprises virtual Australia has in store. If you find any, let us know!


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