Modders Have Added Fall Guys To Skyrim, Resident Evil 3

Modders Have Added Fall Guys To Skyrim, Resident Evil 3

Fall Guys is on PC, other games are on PC, so of course modders are working to bring the not-so-little beans to everything from Skyrim to Resident Evil 3.

The Internet Reacts To Fall Guys Being 6ft Tall

Not only is Fall Guys a big hit, but the jelly bean characters themselves are also big — measuring in at six feet to be exact.

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OK so those two are the just first and I think only games to feature such mods, but I’m assuming appearances in The Witcher 3, Hearts of Iron IV and Civilisation VI are only days away.

Let’s start with Skyrim first. m150‘s “FallGuysFollowers” does what it suggests, and gives you a bunch of Fall Guys followers, along with custom armour and weapons for your player character:

Resident Evil 3’s mod, meanwhile, was made by XxCRAZYPOTATOxX and is called Jilly Bean. It turns Jill, Carlos and Nemesis into beans, and looks incredible while doing it:


You can download Jilly Bean here.

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