My Fall Guys Bean Is Very Stylish

Stand out from the crowd while getting beaned by wrecking balls and hammers. (Screenshot: Mediatonic / Kotaku)
Stand out from the crowd while getting beaned by wrecking balls and hammers. (Screenshot: Mediatonic / Kotaku)

I don’t deal with stagnancy well. If I have a bad run in Fall Guys, for instance, I’ll often tinker with my bean dude’s costume for a sort of fresh start. Keeping in mind that I’m constantly messing with colour palettes and patterns, here are a few of the major evolutions my bean’s fits have gone through over the game’s first week.

I didn't chronicle my outfits as they were used so all these screenshots show my current ranking. Please forgive. (Screenshot: Mediatonic / Kotaku)

First up is the basic bean in classic pink. When Fall Guys launched, most folks stuck with this skintight bodysuit outfit because there wasn’t much else to choose from until you started winning games. There were a few additional colours, but I decided to stick with the pink because I thought it was cute and, frankly, wanted to play as soon as possible without messing around with too much customisation. Patience is not my strong suit.

My bean is very sensitive about its lost pants. (Screenshot: Mediatonic / Kotaku)

Once I reached level nine, the progression system rewarded me with the top half of a pigeon costume. Its dead eyes were a perfect representation of my soul leaving my body every time I lost Royal Fumble, so I paired that with the pattern that makes it look like your Fall Guys, uh, guy is wearing boxers. I liked the little headcanon I developed for my bean: He’d had a full pigeon costume but lost the bottom half in a terrible Slime Climb accident.

Hey, look, if a terrifying predator wants to learn ballet, who's going to stop it? You? I don't think so. (Screenshot: Mediatonic / Kotaku)

Sometime later, I felt so guilty about playing a free copy of Fall Guys on PlayStation 4 that I bought the pair of available downloadable content packs, which added a few new costume pieces to my wardrobe. I quite liked the tutu — especially the rainbow colouring and the little ballet slippers they put on my bean’s feet nubs — and thought it would be funny to pair it with a raptor head I acquired in the in-game shop. A dinosaur ballerina? Priceless!

Do you like eliminating other beans? (Screenshot: Mediatonic / Kotaku)

Fall Guys on PlayStation 4 was bereft of crossover costumes early on, so as soon as the developers added Jacket’s iconic jacket from Hotline Miami (big fan), I knew I had to snatch it up. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to earn enough crowns to buy the bottom in time, but I made sure to grab the more important part and complete the ensemble with some chicken feet.

This is an interesting combo; because these pieces cover up the underlying bodysuit completely, colour palettes and patterns can’t really come into play. This avoided the self-inflicted stress of going through every colour choice to see which matched with the clothing best but also left me feeling unfulfilled. It was time for a major change.

I just think it's neat. (Screenshot: Mediatonic / Kotaku)

Which brings us to my current Fall Guys outfit: the athletic milkshake. One of the aforementioned content packs includes various fast-food trappings, like french fries and a burger, but I didn’t want to just be a giant milkshake desperately trying to survive See Saw. My in-between outfit left my bean shirtless, with just a pair of athletic shorts to hide its shame, so I threw the milkshake top together with those and messed around with the colours a bit until I was happy with the overall look.

I’m still a little bothered that the bright blue of the milkshake doesn’t really match the blue-green of the shorts, but I’m trying not to let it affect my play. It’ll probably be the impetus for my next costume revamp, though.

Fall Guys has surprised me with the variety of outfits available so soon after launch. Every day, the in-game shop updates with new choices of costumes, colours, and patterns, most of which are pretty neat. (I’ve personally been eyeing the Mammoth pieces but don’t win enough to buy them, sadly.) And folks are doing a good job of coming up with their own unique looks… well, apart from the constant flood of cacti after the developers released that prickly costume for free.

But enough about me; what are you rocking in Fall Guys? I’m very interested in seeing what outfits our undoubtedly fashionable Kotaku readers have put together.


  • I’m loving this game so far. Also loving the fact that you can seem to get the items in the store at regular intervals by playing the actual game. I’ve already ‘earnt’ a few items, but I did buy the dlc as well, giving me some costumes. Gotta say, to me? This game is just brilliant fun and microtransactions done quite well.

    • Yep. I’m having a blast playing this game. I’ve just gone hit 10 crowns and been gaining a lot of kudos and buying a bunch of cosmetics from the shop. Very easy to earn rewards and buy what you like. I too purchased the cosmetic packs with real .oney because it’s very cheap compared to other titles. $7.55 for 3 skins compared to $12 (1000 vbucks) for 1 skin (cost 800 vbucks for a common rarity skin)in Fortnite. Huge value for money

      • Yep. I really like the way this is all being done. Takes like 5-10 minutes to earn a significant amount of Kudos, you really have to play hard to get the crowns, but even the Kudos gets some neat skins! I got the Triceratops skin last night and it’s awesome!

        They said that they’ll *never* do game changing boosts, and it’ll only ever be skins, so I’m fine with that. They seem to have struck that ‘right’ balance where it doesn’t feel like an awful grind? But still feels like you have a bit of a challenge to still get gains in the game.

        I’m particularly partial to the fact they said each season will see new mini games introduced too, with the skin packages funding the development. To me, again, this is perfectly acceptable, especially given the cheap price of the game 🙂 More devs should take notice of this 🙂

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