New Batman Game Is Called Gotham Knights, Out Next Year

New Batman Game Is Called Gotham Knights, Out Next Year
Gif: DC / WB Games

Today during DC’s FanDome online event, Warner Bros. Montreal finally revealed Gotham Knights, the long-rumoured and previously teased next big Batman game. It will be released next year.

After the apparent death of Batman, a group of heroes steps up to fill the hole left by the absence of Batman. The group of heroes is made up of Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin.

Gotham Knights is being developed by WB Games Montreal. The studio’s last game was Batman: Arkham Origins, a prequel to the Rocksteady developed Batman: Arkham games.

In gameplay footage also released today, we see Batgirl facing off against Mr. Freeze and fighting off various thugs. The entire game can be played alone or in two-player co-op.

Gotham Knights is coming out sometime in 2021 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.


  • Just so people don’t get the wrong idea, this game is not linked to the Arkham series.

    It is it’s own seperate entity

    • People keep saying that, i cant disagree with them, just seems a bit odd that they would have him pretty much go out the same we he did in knight, yet…its not linked.
      Maybe its purposely done for people to get the wrong idea.

      • Did i say they were?

        I made this comment based on a lot of people online thinking this game is a sequel to Arkham knight due to the ending of Arkham knight.

        Do you lack the ability of reading and comprehension that most 5-year-olds achieve?

  • This is awesome – I was a huge fan of Arkham Origins (there’s tens of us out there). I really believe they can pull something great off, and I love the idea.

    I also think having this for 2021 and the Rocksteady game for 2020 is perfect.

    • Yep confirmed it’s Tim. And in the gameplay video he is wearing a Red Robin outfit.
      Let’s hope we get Damian wielding his LOA sword for DLC. Catwoman, Batwoman and Huntress too!

  • Man I really hope it has spiltscreen and not just god damn online multiplayer otherwise I’ll never touch co-op.

    Also, surely there aren’t people out there who actually believe Batman is dead

  • You would think the Bat Family phones marked the video as “Potential Fraud” and send it to Soam automatically considering how many time he has faked his own death in cannon.

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