PS4 Controllers Won’t Work With PS5 Games

PS4 Controllers Won’t Work With PS5 Games
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In a post on the PlayStation Blog this morning, Sony detailed which PlayStation 4 controllers and accessories will work with the PlayStation 5. Specialty controllers like steering wheels, Sony wireless headsets, and PlayStation Move controllers will work just fine. The PS4’s DualShock 4, however, will only work with supported PS4 games.

The good news is most of the extra gear PS4 owners have collected over the years will transfer over to the PS5. Licensed racing wheel, arcade sticks, and flight sticks will work for both PS4 and PS5 games on the new console. The PlayStation 4 camera will work for PS5 virtual reality games, though a special free adaptor will be required to hook it up — more details on that are forthcoming. And Move controllers — the bizarre, bulbous PlayStation peripherals that refuse to die — will function just fine.

PS4 DualShock 4 controllers will connect to the PS5, and owners will be able to use them for backwards compatible PS4 titles. PS5 games, however, will require the new DualSense controller. The blog post explains that Sony believes PS5 games “should take full advantage” of all of the new console’s advanced technology, including the DualSense 5.


    • how so? A money grab would be a flat out ‘no PS4 controller at all’. Also of course they want your money they are business, not running a charity for gamers.

      • Yeah agreed. At least we can use DS4 for our huge PS4 backlogs on the new console. PS3 controllers didn’t work on PS4 (nor did the games for that matter)

        • Its hasn’t been confirmed yet that all of that ‘Huge’ backlog will even work properly yet.

          And yes its a cash grab. Everything Sony do is a cash grab. They literally do only do one thing properly and that’s making amazing games (thank god haha). Everything is designed to force you to buy the latest thing.

          • The alternative is new, better controllers, that no developers would bother to support as they would count on people still being able to use the PS4 controllers. I’m happy that flight sticks, joy sticks, move controller and steering wheels and even PSVR work with the PS5 and my old controllers work for backward compatible PS4 games, that is a huge benefit vs any other console release to date. A cash grab would be negating all of those other controllers, this is precisely the opposite. If you decide that *everything* a company does is bad, then it’s hard to be objective.

          • By doing just a little bit more than they have before, but less than should makes you happy? Good to see their marketing has won you over.

            Sony dont do everything badly at all, they excel MASSIVELY in games. Its the only reason i buy their stuff. Almost everything else they do sits in the range of good to average to poor. Though, most people dont seem to care because of the games. If Microsoft pulled stunts like this they would be crucified

  • This is disappointing to see, but it’s kinda in line with how Sony rolls and has always rolled which seems to be the theme with the next generation of consoles.

    Microsoft is trying something different with their approach (play on PC or Xbox, Game Pass as a service, everything comes forward, etc) while Sony is relying on the tried and tested method of new console means specific games for the new device, new controllers. I am not saying one is better than the other, just that this isn’t surprising given their approach to next gen.

    With 3 kids and having to buy at least 2-3 extra controllers on launch, it does make the next PS5 an expensive day 1 purchase while if I get Series X I literally buy the console and nothing more (I’ll get both eventually it’s just a matter of which one is in 2020 and which is in 2021).

  • Hopefully the adaptor for the PS4 Camera will just convert it to a USB so that we can see some implementation into the PSVR on PC projects. Will be a shame if they are using another different proprietary plug for the next gen camera.

  • Why are people surprised by this? The only example I can think of where an old-gen controller worked with a next-gen system is the Wiimote working on the Wii U.

    • Unless they’ve reneged on their promise, MS is saying that xbox one controllers will be supported on the new consoles.

      • They said supported, they haven’t stated that they will work on the new games that are series X only (is that the name of the new console? I honestly keep second guessing myself every time I go to write it)

        • If I had to put money down though, I think the XB1 controllers will work with the newer games, but I’m not sure it has been confirmed. I know they walked back from the ‘all games’ being compatible statement that they had made earlier when it came to backwards compatibility.

          • I’m sure the XB1 controller will work because Xbox Elite Controller 2 is made to work with XBSX and the elite controller 2 is just the same controller with better ergonomics.

            There will no new tech incorporated to the XBSX controller unlike PS5 Dual Sense controller.

          • Weird, I can’t reply to letrico. This new comment system is quite the downgrade.

            Anyway, moving on from xbox one controllers v2, it has been bluetooth so it should work with the new console. Unless, M$ returns to their money grubbing ways.

  • This is good news. PS5 games shouldn’t have to drag all the old tech along with them. PS4 controllers are for PS4 games.

  • @wonderingaimlessly , someone can see something differently or have a different opinion without having been ‘won over’ by their marketing.
    Up until now Microsoft and Sony have both pulled ‘stunts like this’ every single generation, and the Sony move is much, much more inclusive than any other console release to date. I have 6 Xbox 360 controllers, on one hand I wish I could just buy one controller and have it work on all my different consoles, on the other hand, if that were the case, we should likely still be stuck with the Xbox potato controller and the original PS1 controllers. Wheels, HOTAS etc. haven’t changed enough over the years to preclude them from working, for any reason other than money grubbing. I can’t use my 2 360 wheels on the Xbox One, or my PS3 wheel on my PS4, which is a PITA, I’m glad Sony and MS have seemingly gone down the road of keeping the PS4 and XB1 wheels and sticks compatible.

  • Maybe I’m in the minority, but I wasn’t actually expecting them to work even before this announcement. Buying an extra controller is something I’ve done for every console I’ve bought since the Mega Drive (which came bundled with 2, as with my earlier consoles right back to Atari and Hanimex).

  • I really dont see the issue anyone has. Ps3 didnt work on PS4 and Xbox 360 didnt work on Xbox One. Old controllers not working on next gen consoles is totally normal. Sure MS are saying that One controllers will work on the X but this is not the normal thing. Or because MS suddenly changes their stance and Sony hasnt Sony is the bad guy? Swear people are just looking for shit to get all up in arms about.

  • Its not really an abnormal announcement given the history of games console controllers!

    I was really surprised that XBO controllers are forwards compatible, if this applies to new xbox games that’ll be a big selling point for me as I have 4 XBO controllers already.

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