‘Shop Contest: Fall Guys, Winners!

‘Shop Contest: Fall Guys, Winners!
Image: MonoArtan

Fall Guys has taken the internet by storm. It seems everywhere I look I see some guys falling. And that was the theme for last week’s contest: Add these little bean boys to more games, movies and TV shows.

Our winning image this week comes from MonoArtan who combines Pokemon and Fall Guys into one disgusting creation.

Image: MonoArtanImage: MonoArtan

The beans from Fall Guys are nearly perfect subjects for a Photoshop contest. They are so easy to edit and yet as long as you keep the general shape and eyes, people will still get what you are making.

Anyway, you can check out the original post to see all the entries, but here are some of my favourites.

Image: Yoda’s Neglected BrotherImage: Yoda’s Neglected Brother
Image: ConwayCostiganImage: ConwayCostigan
Image: RichardRae1Image: RichardRae1
Image: BadonkagronkImage: Badonkagronk
Image: AndyB88Image: AndyB88
Image: OldTypeImage: OldType
Image: AmazingMeowImage: AmazingMeow
Image: Bob The RockImage: Bob The Rock
Image: bangkayImage: bangkay
Image: edregisImage: edregis

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