Sony’s Going To Bring More Games To The PC

Sony’s Going To Bring More Games To The PC

So far, we’ve seen Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding make the jump to PC, with varying levels of success. But they won’t be the last first-party Sony titles to make the jump, according to the company’s corporate report.

Sony’s full year corporate report was published over the weekend Australian time, and as always it covers Sony’s PlayStation division as well as the other units within its business. Naturally, the coronavirus was a big factor, with Sony estimating a ¥68.2 billion loss ($876.3 million) in operating income just from COVID-19.

But gaming has done well for Sony. The PlayStation business now generates more sales and operating income than any other part of Sony:

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Image: Sony

There’s also a small part further down where Sony estimates they have about 113 million active PSN users and 45 million PS+ subscribers, while their PS Now subscriptions are hovering around 2.2 million.

Image: Sony

But naturally, that’s not quite enough. So as part of their plan to drive further profitability, Sony is targeting a growth in “active users”. One strategy to do this is to hit people off the Sony platform, which means bringing more Sony first-party titles to the PC:

Targeted outcomes include growth in active users, stronger retention and a shorter cash conversion cycle, from which expanded cash flow can be expected. We will explore expanding our 1st party titles to the PC platform, in order to promote further growth in our profitability.

Interestingly, it’s the PC that Sony marked as a major competitor in the near-term. The company also said “players from other industries” would also be a key competitor that would force Sony to evolve further:

Competition from online PC games and players from other industries is expected to continue to intensify. The fundamental growth strategy will be to innovate and evolve the PlayStation Platform. To this end, SIE intends to make proactive investments to reinforce content IP, and work to raise brand value, foster communities and user engagement, while enhancing DTC services that get closer to users.

This doesn’t mean PS5 exclusives like Horizon Forbidden West or Spider-Man: Miles Morales will make the jump to PC any time soon, of course. Sony has already been very open about the strength of console exclusives, and that’s not going to change going forward. But it does mean that the company is likely thinking about how titles like Spider-Man, or God of War, can get a second lease of life — and sales.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a more regular cadence for PS5 games making their way over in the years to come. With Death Stranding and Horizon: Zero Dawn hitting the top of the Steam marketplace in June and July respectively, Sony must surely be liking what they see.

You can read Sony’s latest corporate report here.


  • So Sony have gone from a health insurance company that also sells consumer electronics to a video game company that also sells health insurance.

  • The strategy of selling the older exclusives like Spider man or God of War on PC a few months before the PS5 sequel is released would be marketing gold.

    Complete Spiderman on PC and the game tells you “To be continued… only on PS5”

  • I mean even if we have to wait a few years for the new Horizon game to land on PC… I’m totally ok with that

  • They are realising that there is little point in having a game remain on a single system indefinitely. I mean, if Horizon Zero Dawn had remained a PS4 exclusive, honestly how many more PS4s would that have shipped over the next five years? Almost anyone who wanted to buy a PS4 for Horizon has already done so.

    Releasing it on a new platform, exposing it to a new audience, is proving to be profitable. The PS4 and the Xbox One were essentially just PCs with different cases. It is relatively easy to port from those consoles to the PC. That wasn’t always possible – the PS3 was notoriously tricky and cumbersome to program for, and it was very difficult to get anything that ran on a PS3 to run on anything else. But if the consoles are essentially just mass-produced PCs, then porting is easy.

    • Is it? I always thought porting to PC was a nightmare because you had to account for so many specs instead of the single spec of the console itself.

  • they could do the old rockstar strategy of releasing on pc 1-1.5 years later without undercutting their console sales and possibly even getting the double dip from people that wanted to play it on release but then play it on better hardware later.
    they just need to sort out their pricing strategy. $75 is not a suitable price for old games – im looking at you zero dawn.

    • uh no… It’s a high level corporate report that focuses on strategy and governance for Sony, not Sony Interactive Entertainment. Not the time and place for a new project announcement.

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