Sony Says PS5 Is Definitely Still Launching This Year

Sony Says PS5 Is Definitely Still Launching This Year
Image: Sony

We still don’t know how much the PS5 will cost nor its exact release date, but in a new interview Sony executive Eric Lempel said the ongoing global pandemic hasn’t changed the company’s plans to launch the console later this year.

“We will launch this year — that will happen — and from my end we will absolutely make sure that we will bring all of the magic and all of the excitement of launches that we have had in the past,” Sony Interactive Entertainment’s SVP of marketing told “We are still committed to doing that. It’s more challenging than ever, but our gamers expect a lot from us.”

The remarks come after news earlier this week that Arkane’s Deathloop, a timed console launch exclusive for the PS5, would be delayed until 2021. The week prior, Microsoft revealed that Halo: Infinite would no longer be launching alongside the Xbox Series X. These delays — parts of which have been attributed to the ongoing obstacles around working from home during a global pandemic — have had some, like myself, wondering if this whole next-gen launch might not get pushed back as well.

While games have been a source of comfort and a way for me to connect with friends and family during the pandemic, 2020 and everything that’s been happening during it hasn’t exactly left me super excited or feeling anxiety-free about shelling out hundreds of dollars for some new gaming hardware this spring.

Sony and Microsoft don’t appear to share my scepticism though. In the same breath that Microsoft announced Halo: Infinite was delayed, it too re-committed to launching the Xbox Series X this year, specifying a new November release window. And in an interview last week on the Animal Crossing talk show, Xbox boss Phil Spencer reiterated that the Xbox Series X launch wouldn’t be delayed.


    • Lots of great multi platform games out late this year that will take up a heap of time. I can wait but I’ll still get the new consoles to have the better experience

  • If Spider-Man Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West & Dark Souls Remake launch 1st Quarter of 2020 I’ll by the PS5 at launch. If not I’ll just hold off until all 3 games are available.

    • I’d made the same call as this with the same titles. Miles Morales on its own is not enough of a draw as a launch title to justify a day one investment, and bar GodFall, none of the other launch titles announced thus far are of interest to me.

  • My PS4 has started to sound like launch time on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, so I’ll be grabbing the PS5 the second it’s available. Even if all it means is that I’m playing last-gen games on a more powerful platform, with a bit of a wait until more start coming out to really harness the grunt, that’s fine by me.

    There is so much good shit in this year still to play, and doing it faster, better, will be welcome.

      • Yeah, definitely in my near future, that. I saw a tweet from someone (can’t remember who) recently who cracked open their noisy PS4 and revealed just… fistfuls of dust.

    • Also…. this is probably what i will do too. The price will be the same in 2021 anyway so might as well have good load times.

  • Why do people care so much, not like umming and arring of details that nobody knows and are all guesses will have any impact, it’s not like it’ll change anything, the console will come out when it comes out, it’ll cost what it costs, there is no use getting caught up in hype and conjecture.

    • Or

      Now bear with me here

      People don’t have the kind of disposable income to just dump money on something like this and like to budget for it ahead of time.

      Just a thought

      • Yep. Anytime I’m gonna plonk down hundreds I like to budget for it well ahead of time. It’s almost the 9th month of the year, I’m wondering how much longer they’re going to delay the pricing announcements. I mean, surely the machines are well into production by now… right?

  • Getting a bit tired of this pussyfooting around the price and release date from MS and Sony – both are just hoping the other will cave and announce price and date so the other can undercut them.
    We are almost in September and they are both supposed to be released before xmas holidays – that’s only 3 months away and still no pre-orders, price, or locked in dates.

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