Stadia’s Exclusive Battle Royale Bomberman Launches September 1

Stadia’s Exclusive Battle Royale Bomberman Launches September 1
Screenshot: Konami

Launching on September 1 exclusively for Google’s streaming Stadia platform, Super Bomberman R Online is all the fun times of Super Bomberman R plus a special online battle royal mode where 64 players battle it out across multiple stages simultaneously. Oh hey, and Louies are back.

Editor’s Note: Given Google Stadia has yet to launch in Australia, it’s unlikely we’ll be getting this game.

It’s Super Bomberman R with a little extra Bomberman thrown in, basically. Not only will Stadia owners be able to hop into new 64-player online battles starting September 1, they’ll also be able to jump into games with their favourite YouTube streamers. Super Bomberman R Online is one of the first games to take advantage of Stadia’s “Crowd Play” feature. That’s neat, but it’s mainly about the Louies.

Long-time Bomberman fans will remember that Louies are brightly-coloured kangaroo-looking animals that function as power-ups players can ride around, each colour possessing different special abilities. They are cute and will take a blast for you, so they should be loved unconditionally.

Screenshot: KonamiScreenshot: Konami

Super Bomberman R Online will be available for free to Stadia Pro users starting September 1, with an additional “premium edition” bundle free to clam through November 30 ($US9.99 ($14) after). Stadia basic users can just buy the whole shebang for $US9.99 ($14). Check out the official website for more info.

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