Streamer Drums His Way To Improbable Call Of Duty Headshot

Streamer Drums His Way To Improbable Call Of Duty Headshot

Imagine being the person who got headshotted by a guy controlling Call of Duty with a drum set. What would you do? How would you react? Who would you become?

This improbable kill, complete with a perfectly timed cymbal crash that caused several drummers who played for stand-up comedians back when that was a thing to spring forth from their graves, is the handiwork of a streamer who goes by the handle Deano. His clip recently blew up on both Twitter and Reddit because, I mean, just watch:

In a DM, Deano told Kotaku that he was inspired to take up drumming by games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band and has been drumming on Twitch since January, but he just started using drums as a video game controller “this week.” On stream, he’s been doing his best to pick up kills with his trusty kit, but it’s been pretty hit or miss — mostly miss. That’s why he absolutely lost his mind when he managed to pull off both the aforementioned headshot and, yesterday, to get a kill in Call of Duty: Warzone’s gulag, which pits you against one other player in a tightly confined battle to the (perma-) death.

Deano did not expect any of this. Even the cymbals — a key part of the first clip’s comedic appeal — were a happy accident, he says.

“I honestly just assigned the aiming and shooting to the cymbals because I thought it worked best,” he told Kotaku. “I’m glad people thought it was funny, though.”

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