Supreme Is Releasing A Mortal Kombat Arcade Cabinet

Supreme Is Releasing A Mortal Kombat Arcade Cabinet
Image: Kotaku
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I have seen Supreme collab on some real dumb shit in my time, from cookies to literal bricks, but this upcoming Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet is something else.

The label showed off its Fall/Winter 2020 collection earlier this week, and among stuff like this:

Image: Supreme Image: Supreme

Was this:

Image: Supreme Image: Supreme

Yup. It’s a Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet, including the first three games of the series. As PCMag point out, though, this isn’t a custom piece, it’s just a rebrand of an existing Mortal Kombat machine built and sold by Arcade1UP.

Image: Arcade1UP Image: Arcade1UP

The only difference here being the presence of Supreme logos all over the cabinet art and the inclusion of a Supreme-branded riser (which turns this sitting-height cabinet into a standing-height one).

The total cost of an Arcade1UP Mortal Kombat cabinet, with the riser added as an accessory (they’re normally sold separately), would be $US360 ($498).

Expect the Supreme one to sell (at least at resale, where they’ll all end up) for around the same, only with more zeroes at the end.


  • I only needed to take one look at the pic to know it was just a rebrand of the Arcade1Up cabinet. The three included games and the riser were a dead giveaway. Oh, and the Arcade1Up logo in the screenshot lol.

    That artwork is horrible, why would you buy that one that has the word “Supreme” stuck everywhere (even on Raiden’s outfit ffs) instead of the Arcade1Up model that has the original arcade artwork?

  • I love street fashion, but I’m not a fan of Supreme. Only Supreme drop I have is the John Woo collabo they did a few years back. Only copped the hoodie, crew neck & shirt because John Woo’s The Killer is one of my all-time favourite action films.

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