That’s One Good Looking Capybara

That’s One Good Looking Capybara
Screenshot: Microsoft

Age of Empires III: Defintive Edition comes out October 15 and it updates the classic RTS with new and improved 4k visuals and modern features like crossplay. But it will also include some HD capybaras. I didn’t realise I wanted HD capybaras until now.

Look at that original capybara compared to the new one. It’s trying its best and for the time it looked fine. But today it looks like a weirdly textured blob of polygons.

Screenshot: MicrosoftScreenshot: Microsoft

Has the sight of this improved large rodent model convinced you to buy Age of Empries III? Or maybe it’s made you resent the new game?! How dare they change your favourite capybara into something cute and less realistic.

Personally, I’m more impressed by how much better the crocodile looks in the new game. That old one had a weird white band around its neck and looked rough.

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