The Animals Of Microsoft Flight Simulator

The Animals Of Microsoft Flight Simulator
Image: Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is well known for its recreation of Earth’s geography. But it’s also got a surprising amount of life to it as well.

In a real neat twist, the team at Flight Sim Elite have put together a short little video showing off some of the animals you can come across while wandering across the world. Most of what you’ll see below — which is a bit chuggy because Flight Simulator is an absolute beast even on modern PCs — looks like it was shot in Africa, judging by the elephants and giraffes.

There’s some lovely shots of birds in flight and even some bears, which I haven’t seen at all. But then bears aren’t usually something found in south-western Sydney outside of the ’90s on a rugby league field.

As for the animals themselves, they have a bit of a Planet Zoo quality vibe to them. The animations aren’t much, but then again, the fact that they’re in the game at all is pretty staggering.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is out for PC digitally (Steam, Microsoft Store) and through Xbox Game Pass on August 18. It’s a very, very good game already, if you can get your head around the idea of Flight Simulator being a game. (Hint: it’s not hard, especially in 2020.)

Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Xbox’s Best Game Right Now

A place like Shellharbour Airport, or the airports around the towns where I grew up — Camden Airport or Mittagong Airport (which I’ve never seen in real life, because who flies into Mittagong) — lives outside such budgets. And so does most of Australia. The country is too big, not populated enough, and typically not worth the time for a developer building a game like this on a transcontinental scale.

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