The Avatar: The Last Airbender, Remade In Valorant

The Avatar: The Last Airbender, Remade In Valorant
Image: Quarkwy (YouTube)

An army of Phoenixes representing the Fire Nation certainly wasn’t on my bingo card when waking up this morning.

User Quarkwy has spent way too much time on re-creating Avatar: The Last Airbender in the unlikeliest of places: Riot Games’ Valorant. Using the game’s custom mode, and featuring cameos from agents Jett, Breach, Phoenix and Sova, they’ve recreated the entire intro with some nice editing work.

Sova’s air smokes are a great double for Aang’s airbending. But what’s really great is the bit after the intro, where segments of the last season of Avatar are re-dubbed with some Valorant characters. The Uncle’s retake of Ba Sing Se using Brimstone’s ultimate is pretty great, not to mention the Ba Sing Se agents being represented as Riot Games talking about abilities not killing players.

The last part of the video does get into whinge territory — relitigating the usual gripes the Valorant community has about hit registration, ability balance and microtransactions, although the Avatar overlay makes for a nice meme.

Still, it’s a great bit of effort on Quarkwy’s part. And hey: It’s not like Valorant players needed another reason to hate Phoenix. Getting team flashed by Phoenix is so much a rite of passage these days it should be a mandatory achievement on the Valorant Battle Pass.

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