The Internet Reacts To Fall Guys Being 6ft Tall

The Internet Reacts To Fall Guys Being 6ft Tall

Not only is Fall Guys a big hit, but the jelly bean characters themselves are also big — measuring in at six feet to be exact.

The official Fall Guys Twitter account posted the above image, writing:

In awe at the size of this lad.

Absolute unit.

183 cm

Fall Guys actual size.

Yikes! I imagined the Fall Guys were actually little guys:

This shouldn’t a complete surprise, because the official account also tweeted this out:

The internet is still reacting and has things to say:

More like Tall Guys, am I right?


  • It’s OK, because they’re not on any earth-like planet, so we know they’re aliens, who get a free pass.

    If they were humans, on Earth, they might originally be that tall, but for all the physics to work, they’d have to have been shrunk down to miniature for the competition, or something similar.

  • Who was the f****** idiot who decided to put feet in the title even though all the content is correctly about real measurements (cm)? They must be just as dumb as the commenter in one of those screenshots who thinks that 183cm is average height.

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