The Last Borderlands 3 DLC Goes Inside Krieg’s Psyche

The Last Borderlands 3 DLC Goes Inside Krieg’s Psyche
Screenshot: Gearbox

Today, Gearbox announced the fourth and final planned campaign expansion for Borderlands 3. It’s called Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck, and it goes inside the psyche of a Psycho. It comes out on September 10.

Psychos, of course, are a common enemy type in the Borderlands series. Borderlands 2 gave players a chance to play as a Psycho named Krieg — not as one of the initial four Vault Hunters, but as an added bonus character who joined the roster after launch. Though he played clunky, and had a skill tree more focused on fists than on 87 bajillion guns, the guy’s apparently popular enough for the full DLC treatment.

In Fantastic Fustercluck, the scientist Patricia Tannis (another series mainstay) believes she’s cracked the code on why Psychos are so prone to violence. Supposedly, they’re driven mad by the knowledge of a place called “Vaulthalla.” What’s more, the secret to finding it exists deep in the recesses of Krieg’s mind. Since this is a Borderlands game, that’s naturally where you’ll end up. It looks suitably ridiculous:

The arrival of this add-on will also increase the level cap for all Borderlands 3 players from 60 to 65. It’s the final planned level cap for the game — at least for the moment. If we know anything about just how explosive Borderlands can get, you’ll need it to survive the Fantastic Fustercluck.


  • I was so hyped for B3 when it was coming out last year that I actually purchased the super deluxe (I never do that for games) and I can honestly admit that I finished the main game, got through the Handsome Jack DLC (which showed how a better antagonist makes the game more fun to play) and stopped around 1 hour into the second one (the wedding one?!).

    This is just an opinion and while the game is fun enough to play, I haven’t had the desire to play it for probably 6 months. And this from someone who finished B1 & B2 & Presequel on last gen, played them all again in the Handsome Collection (as well as B1 remaster) and even limped through B2 on the Vita!

    I can’t exactly put my finger on what’s missing in B3 compared to B2 in particular (aside from Handsome Jack) but there’s definitely something which doesn’t entice me to go back. New DLC doesn’t change that…

    • Yeah, I didn’t HATE B3 but it just seems to missing.. something?
      I think they know that B2 is where the series hit it’s stride, cos that’s the one they keep releasing on everything from Vita to PSVR

  • Whoo! Great news. I’m waiting to play the game until after all the DLCs are released, I missed out on a ton of cool DLCs for the second game because I played it too early and I don’t revisit games.

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