The Xbox Series S Just Got Confirmed

Image: Microsoft

We’ve known for ages that Microsoft is shipping a cheaper version of the next-generation Xbox alongside the Xbox Series X, and now we know what it’s called.

The existence of the Xbox Series S has appeared on a piece of official Microsoft packaging, courtesy of Zak S on Twitter. They were able to get their hands on the latest version of the next gen controller.

Apart from looking good, the Xbox Series X box also confirms that the other next-gen console will be called the Xbox Series S:

Image: Twitter

The controller has textured grips and the new “hybrid” D-pad, as well as the share button in between the Start and Select buttons. It’s a good looking controller! I wish it was an internal rechargeable battery, instead of AA batteries again, but at least it’s a USB-C cable and not micro-USB this time.

The Bluetooth functionality means the new pad is usable with Android and iOS devices as well, which is handy. For more shots of the packaging, and the controller in hand, there’s more photos below.

So, the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X are coming. All that’s left is for Microsoft to announce when — and, more importantly, how much the new consoles will cost.


    • He says he got it from a buy/sell/swap website for $35 so it was prob part of a dev kit.
      (Or some kind of promotional stunt)

  • I think if there’s an S version at launch then the X version will be VERY expensive, like how flagship phones now have a regular one that’s the expected price and an ultra / pro one that’s $2k+!

  • Gosh the Xbox naming system is terrible, though being Microsoft with their vistas and Me, I shouldnt have expected anything different.

    • Yup it’s beyond bad. Once again Sony gets a free kick by making it easy for the consumer. It’s basic marketing.

          • Reading is one thing. But understanding why an Xbox Series X is better than an Xbox One X which is better than an Xbox One S but not as good as an Xbox Series S. It’s madness. If the PS5 is reasonably priced it has already won.

            Meanwhile commenting on this site is painful. Alex, you’ve told your boss it’s an absolute turd right?

    • They’re kinda stuck because of the generation iteration differences between Sony and themselves. The Playstation is up to generation 5, however the XBOX is only up to generation 4. Calling it the XBOX 4 would sound inferior compared to the Playstation 5, to anyone who wasn’t ‘up’ with console generations. Calling it the XBOX 2020 would mean it would age badly and it would sound ancient as the generation progresses.

      I feel like they could have pulled a sneaky and said the XBOX ONE X was a generation to itself and just called it the XBOX 5 without much trouble, however. But, really, anything would have sounded better than what they’ve done.

        • I’m with you guys, XB5, PS5, XB5X, PS5P. simple naming conventions work.

          They did it with Windows. 1, 2, 3, 3.1, 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (Let’s not get into NT, because NT 6 is Vista, NT 6.3 is 8.1 and 10 is NT 10.) If you count it out, Win8 is actually the tenth iteration.

          Just release it as an XB5, they don’t need to justify it as the 5th XBox it just needs to be clear it’s a rival to the PS5.

  • IMO, External batteries like in Xbox controllers are superior to internal batteries.

    Its vastly easier to replace batteries and you can choose to buy a play and charge kit giving you similar functionality to an internal battery.

    Internal battery means once that battery is dead/ Dying, You have no choice other than to buy a new controller or attempt to fix it yourself.

    • hardly… my PS4 last a whole session or two of gaming. At the end of the night I plug it in and next day I go about my business.

      I had to buy two new xbox controllers in a single year, meanwhile I have the same PS4 controller from the start, and same PRO one from when it came out. The workmanship of PS4 controllers beats Xbox.

      • You happening to get two dodgy Xbox controllers isn’t evidence of anything but you happening to get two dodgy Xbox controllers.

        I actually agree with you on internal batteries, but anecdotal evidence and personal preference isn’t evidence of anything. People need to stop acting like it is.

        I once had three Logitech mice fail in a year… If that was proof of the overall failure rate of their gear they’d have gone out of business years ago.

        • two friends are work have also been a few a year, my nephew has been through at least one a year, if not two since he first got xbox.

      • Not the point i was making at all.

        My comment relates to the repairability of internal batteries vs external.

        Your ps4 controller battery will eventually wear out. What will you do once it does? Waste $100+ on a new controller?

        You can just replace the battery on an Xbox controller because it’s removable.

        Fully read my comment next time.

      • “hardly… my PS4 last a whole session or two of gaming. At the end of the night I plug it in and next day I go about my business.”

        You can do the exact same on an Xbox controller with a plug and play battery.

        Difference being when my battery wears out I can easily replace it with another, You cannot.

        • Replacing the PS4 battery isn’t difficult, but yeah, it’s much easier to do it if you buy and extra plug and play battery for the Xbox, but that is an *extra* purchase that costs more money.
          I’ve gone through 360 controllers as well, don’t know if the XB1 controllers are better quality, but my old PS3 controllers still get great battery life. The only advantage to me on the 360 was I could grab a set of AA’s out of the cupboard and get going wirelessly immediately. Assuming I had some handy, whereas if I had let the PS4 go flat, I had to play tethered for a while.

          I personally prefer the battery to be built in, as long as the controller can be disassembled, replacing a battery in 5 or more year’s time doesn’t bug me.
          I don’t want the cost of having to buy a rechargeable battery set on top like I had to for the Xbox.

        • I DID read your comment and my point was that I went through a whole generation and both controllers are still completely functioning and their batteries arent even close to dying. So your point is thoroughly mute. You wasted more on buying batteries than I ever did replacing a controller, which I never did.

          • Jesus Christ talking with you is like talking to a brick wall.

            My point is about the act of replacing them alone you dullard.

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