This Week In Games: Horizon’s PC Dawn

This Week In Games: Horizon’s PC Dawn
Image: Horizon Zero Dawn

What happens when Aloy can roll and slide down cliffs at 120fps? It’s time to find out with Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s release on PC, the second Sony AAA exclusive to make the jump.

Given how well Death Stranding ran on PC, Horizon should be an absolute treat. But we’ll have more info on that [date redacted].

Not every game is slated to be a banger, mind you. Fast & Furious: Crossroads comes out this week. I’m hoping that there’s something a little more enticing than what we saw earlier this year. Alternatively, the game could be genuinely quite bad, and that would still be excellent to play in its own right. EB and JB Hi-Fi are stocking the game, so we’ll definitely be able to get our hands on it this week.

Elsewhere, there’s the full release of Fall Guys, which had a decent couple of weekends on Steam. The pixelated brawler Clan N also looks supremely slick, so don’t sleep on that one. Hellbound also looks fun for anyone who wants a retro-styled shooter in the vein of Blood or Painkiller.

Here’s the leaderboard for the week:

  • Fast & Furious Crossroads | PS4, Xbox
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn | PC
  • Railway Empire: Complete Collection | PS4, Xbox 
  • Instant Sports: Summer Games | Switch
  • Magic: The Gathering Core 2021 Set
  • Fall Guys | PC, PS4, Xbox
  • Wizards: Wand of Epicosity | Xbox
  • Steam Tactics | Xbox, Switch
  • Mystery Mine | Xbox
  • Swimsanity! | Xbox
  • Escape From Tethys | Xbox, Switch
  • Battle of Polytopia | PC
  • Hellbound | PC
  • Relicta | PC
  • There Is No Game : Wrong Dimension | PC
  • Company of Crime | PC
  • Ultra Foodmess | Switch
  • Kukkoro Days | Switch
  • Cruel Bands Career | Switch
  • Titan Glory | Switch
  • Clan N | Switch, PC, PS4
  • AERY – Broken Memories | Switch
  • Wordify | Switch
  • City Bus Driving Simulator | Switch
  • Drink More Glurp | Switch
  • Skully | Switch

Right then. Let’s get into the trailers, starting with a reminder of what we’re in for with Fast & Furious: Crossroads.



    • Same. I have AC:Or to finsh (DLC stuff) and AC:Odd to play. I recently did the 3 Yakuza games on PC (dam great games) and am just hoping things work out for the rest to come on PC, considering Like A Dragon (AKA Yakuza 7) is Day One PC game for once.

    • I haven’t been playing anything recently (despite the pile of shame)>
      Horizon could very much get me back into it.

  • Is it just me or does Fast and Furious kinda remind me of the modern Spyhunter the 2001 3D one and it’s sequels.

    Not a bad thing I do recall liking that game quite a lot.

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