This Week In Games: It’s Absolutely Chockers

This Week In Games: It’s Absolutely Chockers
Image: Windbound

And the flood begins. If you were hanking for something different, something fresh, something new, this week has plenty of video games to offer.

There’s a lot to work through. After months of COVID delays, RPG fans will get their hands on Wasteland 3 later this week. There’s the rhythm, EDM-to-rock bending adventure No Straight Roads. Remember that Aussie Windwaker/Breath of the Wild inspired game, Windbound? That’s out this week too.

But wait, there’s so much moreMadden NFL 21 is dropping for those into set plays. DONTNOD’s Tell Me Why, or at least the first three chapters, launches at the end of the week and should be right up the alley of any Life is Strange fans. Project CARS 3 is dropping for anyone who needs a bit of virtual racing to whet their Forza appetite. Control‘s next expansion AWE, which I like to think of as the Alan Wake Experience (even though it actually stands for Altered World Event going off the in-game lore), drops in a few days. The last Control DLC was good too, so I’ve got high expectations for AWE.

And if none of those names caught your fancy, then did you know there’s also a spy thriller about racing across Switzerland in 1939 and avoiding the police? Or a game about dating people with adorable dogs?

Also: Commander Keen is back this week. The original Commander Keen. It’s been out internationally for ages, but it’s appearing on the eShop this week in the Aussie eShop. Go figure.

The week is absolutely loaded with far too many video games. Lot of good names worth checking out though. Here’s the leaderboard for the week:

  • Tell Me Why | PC, Xbox
  • Street Power Football | PC
  • Commander Keen in Keen Dreams: Definitive Edition | Switch
  • Control: AWE | PC, PS4, Xbox
  • Ruinarch | PC
  • ‘Member the Alamo? | PC (VR)
  • Windbound | PC, PS4, Xbox
  • Over the Alps | PC, Switch
  • Madden NFL 21 | PS4, Xbox
  • No Straight Roads | PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch
  • Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions | Switch, PC
  • Project CARS 3 | PC, PS4, Xbox
  • Best Friend Forever | PC, Switch
  • Wasteland 3 | PC, Xbox
  • Hypnospace Outlaw | Xbox, Switch
  • Liege Dragon | Xbox
  • Double Kick Heroes | Xbox
  • Street Power Football | PC
  • Jenny LeClue – Detectivu | Switch
  • moon | Switch
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles 5 | Switch
  • Tour de France 2020 | PC
  • Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars | Switch
  • Road to Guangdong | Switch
  • Ary and the Secret of Seasons | Switch
  • Sense – 不祥的预感: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story | PC
  • Panzer Corps 2: Axis Operations 1939 | PC
  • Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey | PC (Steam) 
  • Nexomon: Extinction | Switch

Good god. What a lineup to end August with. There’s an absolute ton of work through, so let’s kick things off with … anime football?

Just too many video games. And too many that all look like they have something interesting going on. Windbound is obviously going to attract a bit of attention with its Zelda vibes — and I’ll have more to say about it later this week. Immortal Realms looks intriguing as well, although I’ll probably not get any time with it given Project CARS 3, more Control and No Straight Roads this week, all of which look right up my alley. Captain Tsubasa looks like a ton of good, dumb anime fun too.

Lots to enjoy, then. See anything you like in This Week in Games? Let us know below!

Correction: Tell Me Why is only coming to PC and Xbox, not PS4. Apologies!


  • Apparently Crystal Chronicles’ online multiplayer has a region lock, which means you’ll need to play it with other friends in the Oceanic region if you want to do that.

  • Moon is highest on my list. I have a soft spot for weird Japan only PS1 games. (If Mizzurna Falls ever gets an official translation, I’ll be first in line to play it), so a weird meta JRPG finally being released has me pretty keen.

  • Not a bad week for games at all. I do wonder why the format is changed from kotaku US. Much easier looking at that as it has whats coming out on what day instead of just a large list.

    • We’ve always had a different format — things don’t necessarily release on the same day, or in Australia at all on some platforms (like what’s available on the AU eShop vs NA).

      The US, from what I understand, sources their list from a third-party, whereas I build it out fresh every Monday morning, or Sunday night sometimes.

  • Every generation i do the same thing – write off my old console way before the new one is available. I just can’t get excited about booting up my crusty old PS4 with its epicly long load times. I want new and shiny right now!

  • I watched a ten minute trailer for Tsubasa a few weeks ago and to my surprise it didn’t just look bonkers, it also looked potentially… good? I’m certainly keen to see more playthroughs and reviews but something I thought I’d normally dismiss seems like it might be a sleeper hit for me.

    Ruinarch is something I’ve seen played in a beta version and it looks intriguing to say the least. It’s rough as guts, and needed work a couple months ago, so I’m expecting this might possibly be one to sit on for a bit, but it definitely scratches a nasty puppet-master chaos itch.

    No Straight Roads seemed like just good old fun from the videos I’ve seen so far, and it’d be nice to see more similar to it.

    Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars took me by surprise. That franchise has never been on my radar, but it looks like there’s some meat on those bones and I’m definitely going to look more closely at it in future.

    The real draw card for this week is Windbound. I’m hoping against hope that they’ve tightened up more of the controls, but this just might be one of those cases of taking full advantage of Steam’s more generous refund policy, if the game feels as ‘floaty’ as sometimes described.

    Might be a good week to keep playing last week’s new stuff, though. Spiritfarer is delightful and gorgeous, and Mortal Shell competently scratches a Dark Souls’ish itch that sadly wasn’t scratched by recent Hellpoint.

  • Kandagawa Jet Girls is my pick for the week.

    Tell Me Why has really been under the radar. There was a big announcement months ago, and then they went completely silent until they announced their next game after it which had me wondering if they’d cancelled Tell Me Why. It sounds like an interesting conceit, or at least the concept when it was announced, with basically choosing which twin is misremembering their past. Sounds like fun.

    “I remember when-”
    “Wrong, thats not what happened at all.”

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