This Week In Games: UFC’s Back

This Week In Games: UFC’s Back
Image: UFC 4

The middle of August is usually the calm before the storm. But there’s still a few highlights to catch people’s attention, particularly this week with the return of a franchise we haven’t seen in a while.

UFC 4 and Hyper Scape are the two biggest titles out this week. I’d venture that we’ll probably hear a bit more from UFC 4, since there hasn’t been a UFC game in yonks.

Beyond Ubisoft’s dabbling into the battle royale genre, there’s also a few really weird indies out this week. Teenage Blob, below, looks bizarre as fuck. And the trailer for ‘Member the Alamo? is basically an anime music video, which I totally wasn’t expecting to fire up on a Monday.

It’s a VR shooter, by the way. Here’s the new games out this week:

  • UFC 4 | PS4, Xbox
  • Escape From Tethys | Xbox, Switch
  • Hyper Scape | PS4, Xbox, PC
  • Total War SAGA: Troy | PC (Epic Games Store)
  • Metamorphosis | Xbox, Switch, PC
  • Boomerang Fu | PC, Xbox
  • Bite the Bullet | Xbox, Switch
  • Linn: Path of Orchards | Xbox, Switch
  • Banner of the Maid | Switch
  • Faeria | PC, Switch
  • Double Kick Heroes | Switch
  • Volta-X | Switch, PC
  • Collar X Malice -Unlimited- | Switch
  • Big Dipper | Switch
  • Darkestville Castle | Switch
  • Shaolin vs Wutang | Switch
  • Ramageddon | Switch
  • ‘Member the Alamo? | PC
  • Knight Bewitched 2 | PC
  • Mealmates | PC
  • Mecha Destruction | PC
  • DRAG | PC
  • Zero Hour | PC 
  • Teenage Blob | PC
  • Kill It With Fire | PC 

Oh boy. Onto the trailers, starting with that glorious AMV from ‘Member the Alamo.

Real mixed bag this week. Teenage Blob looks like wholesome dumb fun though. And Mealmates (the last trailer above) looks just … I have no words for that. I haven’t had enough coffee to process whatever the hell is going on in that video.

It’ll be interesting to see how Hyper Scape does, and the effect that has on publisher thinking around battle royale games. (Fall Guys having more stability this week could be a real bummer for Hyper Scape‘s launch too, since a ton of people I know are still wanting to spend more time with that.)

See anything you like this week? Or working through your Pile of Shame?


  • Definitely expecting Fall Guys to continue sucking the oxygen out of other similar releases. There’s a hunger from streamers there that’s not being satisfied by the server issues. (It’s also annoying as I try to look up literally anything on Devolver’s media and it’s 99.9% Fall Guys. Big win for the Big D, I guess.) I won’t shed a tear if Hyperscape goes the way of Crucible.

    Frankly, the only thing I thought I might be interested in coming out this week was DanMachi (‘Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?’) Infinite Combate, but I watched a 20min gameplay video and turned it off after watching the first couple minutes then skimming through to find any variety in the gameplay whatsoever and finding none. My GOD that thing looks awful.

    Fortunately, I’ve been having a big resurgence in Minecraft/Stardew co-op with my partner, as well as rediscovering Sims 4 and continuing on strong with Tsushima. Quiet weeks like this leave me happy in the knowledge of not missing much.

  • I forgot Banner of the Maid was coming to Switch. I really need to fire up my copy of the PC version to see whether I want to take it mobile as well.

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