Up Close With The Latest Giant Evangelion Statue

Up Close With The Latest Giant Evangelion Statue

This fall, a 14.94 m-tall Evangelion Unit-01 bust will open in Kyoto.

Website RyuTokyo got to check out the attraction, which is pretty much just a photo spot — but then again, that’s what nearly all these giant anime-themed statues are.

Eva Kyoto Base will open at Toei Kyoto Studio Park in Kyoto and will also feature a cockpit photo spot. As pointed out by Ryu Tokyo, since the attraction is brand-spanking new, it’s really shiny and, thus, looks even more like it’s right out of Evangelion.

Watch the full clip below:

A few years back, a one-to-one scale EVA-01 Test Type statue, measuring 24.8 meters (24.80 m) high, went up in Shanghai, China.


  • Call me when they make a life size giant nude god Rei from EoE. Complete with visceral fall apart action.

    Really though pretty cool.
    Hopefully stays a while. It sucks how many awesome things pop up in Japan then are gone again in like 2 months. So unless you happened to already be having a trip youve missed it forever

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