Valorant Is Finally Getting A Deathmatch Mode

Valorant Is Finally Getting A Deathmatch Mode
Image: Riot Games

It’s about time. The most requested feature in Valorant is finally arriving this week — a free-for-all deathmatch mode.

Valorant players have been begging for a free-for-all mode since the game’s beta launch, something to help them practice their aim and angles across the game’s four maps.

So later this week, that’s precisely what Riot are giving fans. Early Wednesday Australian time, Valorant will be patched to include a “beta” version of a free-for-all DM mode. The mode will support 10 players maximum — same amount as a regular Valorant game — and will remain in Valorant provided “things are stable and performative”.

Here’s how the FFA mode will work:

  • Rounds will end after one player reaches 30 kills or 6 minutes, whichever happens first; 
  • Players will always spawn with heavy armour;
  • All abilities are disabled;
  • Players will respawn every three seconds;
  • Players will respawn with 8 seconds of invulnerability, which immediately ends as soon as a player moves or shoots a bullet (this is designed to allow players to switch weapons upon respawning without dying);
  • Players will never spawn in front of an enemy or “close to [an enemy’s] line of sight”, and all spawns will always be in a place where your back is to a wall; 
  • Every kill drops a health pack that lasts for 10 seconds, immediately restoring you to full health;
  • Every player’s location is revealed every 5 seconds.

The mode, along with Killjoy, will be the latest bit of new content for Riot’s free-to-play shooter. There’s no new maps with the game’s Second Act just yet, but the game’s second season will overhaul the competitive experience. The new competitive experience will showcase a player’s best 9 ranked wins, as well as Act Ranks to track a player’s “proven skill”.

valorant dm
Image: Riot

According to Riot, the new skill system will demonstrate a player’s “proven skill” by showing their 9th best ranked win, which showcases what level players “can consistently win at”. Players’ act ranks will be displayed as a badge on their player cards, not too dissimilar from what Overwatch has done in the past.

All of this will be patched into Valorant later this week, when Act 2 is officially launched. Get training — the base skill level in Valorant is about to go way up.

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