Well, At Least Atomic Heart Is Looking Great

Well, At Least Atomic Heart Is Looking Great
Image: [email protected] (YouTube)

It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything from Atomic Heart, an indie title that first gained traction for the work it was doing with ray-tracing. Today, we’ve finally got a look at a large chunk of gameplay — and hot damn is it a fine looking game.

The 7 minute segment of footage, including a battle against a Prey-looking creepy mini boss, was uploaded to the [email protected] channel this morning. I’m not sure why it’s not on the official Xbox channel, because so far, this is the best looking thing on any of Microsoft’s channels.

The gameplay was recorded from a PC — you can see the keyboard inputs towards the end. It’s got some strong Prey vibes with very deliberate combat. I’m really loving how the HUD is nice and minimalist as well, although hopefully there’s some kind of scaling that kicks in on TVs.

Atomic Heart is from the Russian studio Mundfish, and the game is billed as an adventure FPS set in an “alternative universe during the high noon of the Soviet Union”.

So, just to square that off. We’ve got a futuristic Soviet diaspora, angry robots, creepy as fuck tendon monsters (?!?), what looks like an electricity weapon that you power up with your boot and wires attached to your hand, and some of the prettiest visuals flying around in 2020.

Yeah, I’m down for that. Minus the Carrion-esque black hole you cop at the end. Atomic Heart is launching on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC sometime in the future, which is seeming more like 2021 than 2020 at this point. You never know.


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