What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Valorant
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It’s grey, it’s gloomy, and it’s a perfect time to stay inside and play video games.

The state of COVID is grim enough that wandering outside isn’t really an option — or a welcome one, even if you’re not forcibly under lockdown like our friends and family in Melbourne. Stay strong, everyone.

So connecting virtually is the way forward. And I’ve been doing a lot of that this week, staying in touch with some Melbourne mates over games of Valorant. The game’s been updated this week to include Deathmatch, which has basically been 6 minute sessions of everyone practicing with the Vandal, one-tapping like absolute like demons. Valorant‘s going to be a completely different — and much less casual game — in a week or so after everyone’s had that DM practice.

That aside, the weekend is also nice for enjoying comfort food. In video game form. For me, that’s casually sitting back and listening to a podcast or a stream or two while casually blocking every ball imaginable in Cricket 19. I’m a simple guy, with simple pleasures. I see, I block.

I’ll also be finishing off my playthrough of Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC. I’m about 20 hours through, so the end is near, but it’ll be nice to square off Aloy’s journey once more. I haven’t played The Frozen Wilds DLC either, so that should be entertaining.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • I only just started GTAV for the first time. Couldn’t resist the PS4 special any longer. So far enjoying it but I’m always overwhelmed by open world games. Any tips?

    • My general approach is to focus mostly on the story and pick my favourite types of activities and focus only on those. I usually get distracted by collectibles though so I’ll focus on collecting those from time to time. Besiaclly the philosophy is to focus on one thing (Like Collectible hunting, a particular activity type, story progression) at a time until I’m ready to move on to the next thing otherwise I burn out because I never feel like anything’s getting done.

    • my bit of advice is to hold off of Franklin’s Assassination Missions except the first one
      until you finished the game then follow an investment/assassin guide for an insane amount of money

  • For me some friends and I will be playing Borderlands 3 and I’ll probably slot some Crackdown in there too. The unfettered chaos that game brings is very cathartic.

  • The weather outside right now is exactly like what happens when you play the storm song on your flute in Tsushima and playing that while the weather is like this is the ultimate in gaming. The building is rattling from the wind!

  • The Last of Us Part 2
    Star Control Origins (I brought it a while ago, loved the originals)
    Fallout 4 Mod testing

  • Still working through TLOU 2. A longer game then I anticipated, though playing on Hard, which ratchets up that white knuckle tension whilst scrapping around for ammo.

  • Wilmot’s Warehouse which was one of the Epic Games freebies this week.
    Farming Simulator 19 again.
    And my favourite right now, The Battle for Polytopia which was just released on Steam the other day so I’ve been playing it on my desktop. It’s on sale at the moment, but just an FYI: on the surface there isn’t a lot of difference between the Steam version and IOS one which is free to play (with IAP for most of the Tribes). Hopefully, that will change in the future though.

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