What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
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Now more so than ever, the weekend is just a great opportunity to soar far, far away.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is basically, literally and metaphorically, the only option for a journey away at this point. Sure, you could physically take the risk, but the anxiety associated with trying to plan an actual holiday at this point just isn’t worth it. So for now, I will — because review codes have gone out, which is lovely — grab my Xbox controller and set the trim to something offensively high, only to realise my little Cessna is trying to soar to the moon and moments away from stalling and crashing out of spite.

So that’s something I’ll be spending time with. I’ve also been running into an awful lot of old faces when playing Valorant, which has been a really unusual experience. It’s one thing to play games with people you have competitive experience against. It’s another to randomly jump into a game unawares and then have a decades’ worth of memories flooding back out of nowhere.

It’s almost become my favourite attribute of the game, really. Not the actual act of playing, but the people you run into, which isn’t something I thought I’d ever expect from Valorant or a Riot game.

Beyond that, I’ll be spending a bit of time with my brother — we haven’t caught up in a while, due to COVID and all sorts of dramas. We’ll probably play something together. Who knows what. It’s just nice to hang out while you can.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • Apparently I get access to the Tony Hawk demo at some point today? So I’ll be giving that a bash.

    Other than that fall guys and Ghost of Tsushima

  • Ghost Giant PSVR. Need a colourful and whimsical escape after the brutality of TLOU 2. Was a seriously good game but man, bordering on Manhunt levels of visceral brutality.

  • The same thing we do every weekend.

    I think Spider-Man might have finally downloaded on my PS4 so I might check that out. I did major catchup in FFXIV so I’ve only got some of the 5.3 MSQ to do. Do SAO dailies and finish off my RE2 ReMake weekly.

    Hopefully my SINoALICE Guild makes the finals of the first Global Gran Colosseum, which’ll be interesting, but I think all the drama of them boosting people that lost round 3 over people that won it, and our group getting paired against the top Whale guild in the Asia servers, has put a bad taste in many of our mouths.

    • Well, got the FFXIV 5.3 MSQ done last night so I’m caught up until 5.4 and… damn. They could have just ended the entire game there before the last scene and I’d have been happy. I cried. I squeed. I have a need to find someone to do some fan art. XD

  • I’m about halfway through Assassin’s Creed IV, so mostly that. I’ve noticed that there’s quite a big step up in terms of map size, side missions, things to collect etc compared to the previous games. I’m enjoying it, but I can kinda see why some people find the later AC games frustrating re: size compared to the earlier ones.

  • I’m very late game Ghost of T. Will wrap that up quickly.

    By next week I reckon I’m gonna jump into a month’s subscription of PC game pass. I’m lining up Ori sequel, Carrion, and Gris.

  • Mostly Destiny – working through the Solstice grind and knocking off GM Nightfall number four for this season.

    I also picked up Stationeers this week, and it seems pretty interesting from the tutorials, so will be giving that a proper try (while trying to remember that “I” does not open your inventory, it instead opens your face mask and ejects your precious oxygen into the vacuum of space).

  • i hate you Alex and your already having access to flight simulator! i don’t want to hear about it till i can have a turn… care to share that review code?

    I’ll be mostly doing Horizon on PC and maybe some Lego Star Wars with the kids.

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