What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This is fine. No worries here.  (Screenshot: tinyBuild)
This is fine. No worries here. (Screenshot: tinyBuild)

This weekend is all about facing my deepest, darkest fears. The best part of being paralysed is the fact that there are still spiders all over the damn place and there’s nothing I can do about it. I may have found a way to strike back.

Kill It With Fire, released yesterday on Steam, is a game about the proper way to deal with our eight-legged friends. I’ve written about the demo version of the game before. In the game, spiders can appear anywhere, from under toilet seats to the inside your pizza box. That’s when the arachnid murdering begins.

This is not a game that will relax me. It will offer me no solace. I will be a screaming instrument of vengeance. Imagine Ghost Rider, only with skin and crying like a frightened child.

What about you? What are you playing?


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