Why Do We Fall, Giant Monster?

Gif: @Htop_Gunder /  Tsuburaya, Fair Use
Gif: @Htop_Gunder / Tsuburaya, Fair Use

This week we celebrate learn how long it took to make Mario 64, fall in love with the dragon from Ring Fit Adventure, watch C-3PO finally get some revenge, check out the new trailer for Battletoads and laugh at a monster falling down.

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I’m Really Into That New Dragon-Dating Sim, Ring Fit Adventure

Can I tell you a secret? Is this a safe place? Because what I’m about to say could potentially expose some of my stranger…predilections we’ll say. Are you ready? OK.

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So what if I wanna fuck a dragon. Who doesn’t want to fuck a dragon? Wait. How do I delete stuff on this webpage again? Crap. Someone help.

Fall Guys Players Are Already Unlocking An Achievement That Developers Thought Was Impossible

Fall Guys looks easy until you try it. Then you realise that it’s not about claiming glorious victory over noodle-legged nobodies. Instead, your one and only goal is to avoid accidentally discovering innovative new ways to eat shit. Winning one match is tough. Winning five in a row is darn...

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I’ve won two out of like 15 matches, so I’m probably never going to get this achievement. And to those who have it: Go buy a lottery ticket. You lucky.

Super Mario 64 Took 622 Days To Develop, Suggests ‘Gigaleak’ Document

Super Mario 64 is arguably one of the best games of all time, not only due to how fun it is but also because of the technological leap it represented for the platforming genre. According to a document included in the recent “Gigaleak,” however, this monumental project took less than...

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Making a genre-defining and iconic game in less than two years is impressive. I’m still years behind starting to finally clean up and organise my computer’s files.


What I love about this clip isn’t just the fall or how tiny the creature’s head is. No, the best part is the way they angrily beat the ground instead of getting up.

C-3P0 finally snaps after decades of being treated like shit by people who he thought were his friends.

Sometimes the internet gives us wholesome and good moments. This is one of them. Savour it. Soon you will see a bunch of crap again.


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We are like a year or so away from Fortnite just becoming every game ever made.

They did it. They made me sort of interested in Battletoads. What the fuck?

Hell yes. Give me more WiiU games I never played because who owned a WiiU?

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