Why The Fuck Has No One Seen This Next-Gen Martial Arts Game Yet

Why The Fuck Has No One Seen This Next-Gen Martial Arts Game Yet

You know how everyone wondered where the true next-gen games were during Sony and Microsoft’s showcase? Black Myth: Wukong is what we’ve been after.

Black Myth is basically a Chinese studio’s crack at a AAA Dark Souls inspired action-adventure, laced with all the Chinese martial arts, monsters and mysticism you’d expect from the name.

That already sounds incredible, and you haven’t seen it in motion yet. On Game Science Studio’s official website, the devs say they’re targeting PC and “all mainstream host platforms”, although they’re open to making the game playable on cloud streaming platforms too.

You can watch 13 minutes of Wukong‘s action below, which the devs hope will serve as a solid recruitment pitch in the future. And what I love about it — it’s a quality pitch. There’s proper in-engine gameplay here, a look at the UI, some superb animations, and incredible environments. There’s also a remarkable section where the player can transform into a flying insect to avoid guards, which is a really stylish twist on the standard stealth sequences.

And what’s even more staggering is that not even 300 people have watched the below trailer at the time of writing. That’s insane given how good this is.

Deadset, if I was Microsoft or Sony, I would be making inquiries about this studio right now. The fluidity and fidelity in this is genuinely excellent, and it’s clear the team has some excellent engineering, animation and art talent already.

There’s more info about the studio and the direction of Wukong on the official website. They don’t have a company Facebook or Twitter, but if you use WeChat, there’s links to their public profiles on the page as well.

Honestly, this is easily up there with any of the PS5 or Xbox Series X reveals I’ve seen so far. If either platform holder had this in their headline presentation, the internet would never shut up about it. More next-gen games like this, thanks.

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