You Can Fly Into The Windows XP Wallpaper In Flight Simulator

You Can Fly Into The Windows XP Wallpaper In Flight Simulator
Screenshot: Kotaku

I’ve seen folks flying to all kinds of places in Flight Simulator, from Point Nemo to Jeffrey Epstein’s island, but I’m yet to see a journey as niche and impressive as the one that lets you recreate the experience of booting up Windows XP for the first time.

rockin_gamer managed to find the exact coordinates and camera angle to take the screenshot, which given the limitations of the game — it’s using satellite data and can’t match the clouds — looks pretty good!

Here’s the original:

Image: Microsoft Image: Microsoft

And here’s the Flight Simulator version. If you’re wondering about the colour/lines all over it, it’s because the hill is now a vineyard:

Taken in 1996 in Sonoma County, California, Charles O’Rear’s photo is one of the most famous of all time, while exactly how much he’s earned from it being seen billions of times is a mystery since he signed a confidentiality agreement with Microsoft regarding his compensation.

If you want to visit it yourself in the game, the coordinates are 38°15′00.5″N 122°24′38.9″W


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  • *sniff* Mmmm, that’s some good nostalgia.
    I actually have the original image in my MS Teams meeting background rotation. That and the classic Win98 background, including desktop icons. Real crowd-pleasers, those.

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