You Could Walk Across Horizon Zero Dawn’s Entire World In A Lunch Break

You Could Walk Across Horizon Zero Dawn’s Entire World In A Lunch Break

Horizon: Zero Dawn is an especially efficient game, so it’s no surprise that the in-game world is a little bit smaller — or less filled with bloat, if you prefer — than others.

YouTuber How Big is the Map? has a very simple mission: Load up the video game, and walk across the map. They’ve been doing it for years, and as they’ve discovered recently, Horizon: Zero Dawn ain’t that big.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, for instance, took almost two and a half hours to walk — and swim — across the entirety of Ubisoft’s Egypt. Aloy’s journey, on the other hand, will take you just under an hour if you’re being patient. And if you want to sprint the whole way? Just over 30 minutes.

It’s really nothing compared to a lot of other open-world games, like Fallout. And it’s absolutely nothing on Daggerfall, which is a miserable 69 hours-plus of crinching and crunching until you get from one end of the world to the other.

I think this works in Horizon Zero Dawn‘s favour, though. Nobody really wants an open world that’s just empty or filled with uninteresting junk for hours on end. I want it to be alive, to be brimming with activity that makes it feel like the virtual world thrives and revolves without my direct input.

That said, I do wonder how long it’d take to fly across the map — world? — in Microsoft Flight Simulator now. I wonder if How Big is the Map? would take that challenge on.


  • 30 mins to sprint across the entire play world. Hmmmm I’d be happy if it stopped crashing every 15 mins.

    • Has it really been that bad? I’m several hours in (not sure exactly but i’ve had time to get to level 23, just killed Redmaw – awesome battle that one) and i’ve had zero crashes. Now obviously me not having crashes doesn’t invalidate that you have, i’m not saying that, but PCs can provide such widely diverse experiences!

      • I’m playing it on a gaming laptop and a desktop PC. The gaming laptop has zero issues. Mind you I only got the laptop a few days ago and thus far (fingers crossed) no crashes. The desktop PC a completely different story. It’s a hot mess. Crashes every 15 to 30 mins. Next day plays for a few hours no issue then boom it crashes. In total I’ve had, I reckon, about 100 crashes on the desktop.

        • That definitely sounds like a conflicting software issue on desktop, or old drivers. What graphics card do you have?

          Ive had i think 2 crashes, once when a stormbird slammed inti the ground too fast when i killed it in mid air, disappeared when it hit the ground and crashed, and then again when i finished the game and dlc and used a trainer, like 50 tear blasts at once on an enemy

    • Ya, I’m yet to experience any crashing. My son gets crashes all the time, though. I’ve only played it on High settings. There’s a slight jittery frame rate in built up areas, but aside from that it’s been pretty smooth. I’m not exactly sure of my specs but it’s a mid level Radeon card and I upgraded last in 2018.

  • All the boo hoos from the pc “master race” lol, hilarious, plays fine on PS4 pro, lol I just cracked up hearing it was a terrible port.

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