A Star Wars Gaming Legend Returns, and More of the Most Sinister Toys of the Week

A Star Wars Gaming Legend Returns, and More of the Most Sinister Toys of the Week
Image: McFarlane, Hasbro, and Hot Toys

This week on Toy Aisle the plastic is taking a trip to the sinister side: Hasbro resurrects a Star Wars legend for the Black Series, Todd McFarlane really wants you to know he loves DC Metal, and Keith David gets a They Live action figure!? Check it out!

Image: Hot Toys

Hot Toys Spider-Man: Maximum Venom Venomized Iron Man

Last week’s goopy Groot was merely a goopy vanguard for goopier things to come, it seems. Hot Toys is already all over these hot “Venomized” Marvel variants inspired by the Spider-Man: Maximum Venom cartoon, and while this one isn’t life-sized (oh god please, we’re not all Jeff Bezos), it’s still just as insane a take on a Marvel legend: Iron Man, but with all the spikes.

The 13.5″ tall Venomized Iron Man comes with a bunch of suitably wild accessories. Aside from some standard Iron Man-y alternate hands — including a light up repulsor blasting palm — the figure comes with some Venom-coated alternates for its other half. That carries on over to the two heads included: one is half Iron Man (and still, of course, lights up in one eye!) and half Venom, while the other is poor Tony completely taken over. If that wasn’t enough, the hulking figure is available in a special edition that also comes with a big symbiote sword hand.

Oh, and those massive pincer claws bursting out of his light-up chest? They’re articulated. Yikes. Venomized Iron Man is set to drop in mid-2022, and is currently not available to pre-order just yet, but will be soon (and the symbiote is ready to consume your wallet appropriately). [Hot Toys]

Image: Hasbro

Star Wars: The Black Series Gaming Greats Darth Nihilus

What is Legends may never die, and Hasbro is making great use of its “Gaming Greats” Black Series sub-line to give fans brand new figures based on beloved Star Wars icons of the old canon. The latest is Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lord’s mysterious masked Sith who plays a major antagonistic role in the beloved Obsidian RPG. Nihilhus is spartanly accessorized, coming with just his lightsaber and a cloth cape, but c’mon. You’re buying it because hell yeah it’s KOTOR merch in the curséd year of our lord, 2020.

Nihilus will set you back $55 at EB Games and is currently set to release at the end of October. Now, when are we going to get a Darth Traya or a Darth Malak to go with him and the previously released Revan? [Toyark]

Image: NECA

NECA They Live Frank Armitage

There’s a new They Live Frank Armitage figure. He comes with an assault rifle, an Uzi, and some killer, alien-detecting shades. He’s eight inches tall, and only 4,000 are being made, starting at $US40 ($55) for just the figure or up to $US95 ($131) for a bundle that comes with a collector’s edition of the John Carpenter movie, a poster, and a limited edition vinyl.

Editor’s note: Unfortunately, these figurines won’t be shipping to Australia. Watch and weep.

Why am I being so blunt? Because that’s the unimportant info. Here’s the real deal:

You’re welcome. [Toyark]

Image: McFarlane

McFarlane DC Multiverse The Flash/Red Death Two-Pack

Todd McFarlane just loves himself an over-the-top, spiky-as-hell design. So maybe it’s no surprise that his toy company’s excellent seven-inch-scaled line of DC Entertainment action figures is already being overtaken by some of the most McFarlane-y designs the comics have had to offer in recent memory, mostly from the suitably metal Dark Nights: Metal storylines. At least this time instead of an entire wave of alternate evil Batmen, we’re getting one of those in a two-pack with a Rebirth comics version of Barry Allen.

Due out on November 1, the $64.99 two-pack doesn’t just get you Barry and the sinister Red Death inspired by their looks in the Metal event, you’ll also get a special rocky base to depict the two speedsters going toe-to-toe with each other. [Toyark]

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