Anime Created On Nintendo 3DS Took Four Years To Make

Anime Created On Nintendo 3DS Took Four Years To Make
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YouTuber Mirror Panel-3 spent four years creating an anime on Flipnote Studio for the Nintendo 3DS.

Titled Flipnote Warrior, the 34-minute anime will be released on December 4 and is about a young girl’s life that forever changes thanks to an unexpected encounter on a Nintendo 3DS. According to Mirror Panel-3, all the animation was done in Flipnote Studio but it was then colourised and edited on PC.

Below are the opening and title credits. There’s even a theme song!

Here is another scene from Flipnote Warrior.

Back in 2014, Mirror Panel-3 released an hour-long Mario-themed original Flipnote Studio animated movie.

Flipnote Studio is no longer available for download once the Nintendo DSi Shop shuttered in 2017.

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