Artist Makes 3D Digital Models Of Hayao Miyazaki’s Classic Nausicaä

Screenshot: Granicoph
Screenshot: Granicoph

Twitter user Granicoph, a 3D modeler based in Tokyo, created impressive 3D models of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, allowing us to freely move around still images. The result is very cool.

As Gigazine reports, the models were uploaded to Sketchfab, a platform where people can share 3D, VR, and AR content.

“This time I created Nausicaa in Toxic Jungle,” he wrote on ArtStation. “I hope you feel the atmosphere of Toxic Jungle.”

I can! You can also zoom in really close.

Screenshot: Granicoph


According to Granicoph, this project is still ongoing, so hopefully, we can look forward to more of his excellent Nausicaä renderings! Check out his ArtStation page right here


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